America The Beautiful

Friday September 14th, 2012

With a national mean of 7.8 and nearly 20,000 grid cells with perfect a 10, Friday will be one of the best weather days I have seen since I started doing this blog. The best of the best will be in Minnesota with a mean of 9.1 and widespread perfect 10’s. And if you’re jealous of Minnesota, just wait until January.

Rather than telling you every little town with a 10, I’ll just hit some of the bigger ones. The entire western suburbs of Chicagoland and continuing southwest to Peroria, Illinois…Rochester, Alexandria, and Pipestone, Minnesota…Evansville, Wisconsin…Grafton, North Dakota…Golden, Fountain, and La Junta, Colorado…Athens, Maine…Monticello, Utah…Pinedale, Wyoming…and Everett, Washington among many many others.

Perfect weather is certainly seasonal and I think the best opportunity for a high national score will be the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. Florida though, will likely not see perfect weather until winter. One thing is for sure, everyone gets perfect weather at some point.

Best: 1. Minnesota 2. Maine 3. Iowa 4. Illinois 5. Rhode Island
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Florida 3. Texas 4. Oklahoma 5. Louisiana




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2 responses to “America The Beautiful

  1. Dear Weather Guru-Can you name any places in the US where the average temps are 75-80 and the humidity never more than 50? If not in the US, where in the world would this place be? Virginia has been hell this summer, and I want OUT!

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