Who Puts Chili In Spaghetti?

Saturday September 15th, 2012

Sunday September 16th, 2012

What can I say about this weekend? Spectacular! Almost everyone will enjoy a PWI 8 or better at least one day this weekend. In fact, Saturday is a new record high for the Perfect Weather Index with a national  mean of 7.9. One day, maybe we’ll see an 8.0, but not Sunday as it drops down to 7.6 mainly due to a strong front invading from Canada.

The best weather on Saturday will be in Ohio with a huge area of perfect 10’s surrounding Cincinnati. Which brings me to something peculiar I learned about the area’s cuisine after living in nearby Kentucky. Chili and spaghetti? Oh yes, it’s real and so is that mound of cheese on top.  Pictures if the 3-way which is spaghetti, covered with chili and topped with a mound of shredded cheddar cheese. You can also get 4-way with onions or 5-way with onions and red beans.

There will be other perfect 10’s on the map Saturday, but none as yummy as Cincinnati. Most numerous will be in New Mexico and the mountains of Arizona. Also, upstate Wisconsin and areas south of Detroit, Michigan.

Marion Forks, Oregon

As I said, not nearly as nice on Sunday, but still quite a few 10’s. One at the intersection of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. The rest mainly scattered around the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Marion Forks, Oregon is a good pick here. Incidentally, there is a rather large fish hatchery in Marion Forks (and little else) where you feed rainbow trout and see spawning salmon.

Something else I should mention is the terrible storm up in Alaska (yes another one). The area around Anchorage is prone to high winds due to the channeling effects of the Turnagain Arm. The forecast is for possible gusts to 100 mph. And with rain and cold temperatures, certainly deserving of the PWI 1 in the forecast.

Saturday                                                             Sunday       

    Best                   Worst                                 Best                   Worst

1. Ohio                       1. Alaska                                        1. New Jersey        1. Alaska
2. Indiana                 2. Florida                                      2. Delaware             2. Louisiana
3. Delaware              3. Louisiana                                 3. Indiana                3. Mississippi
4. Illinois                  4. Maine                                        4. Connecticut      4. Florida
5. New Jersey         5. Arkansas                                  5. Rhode Island    5. Alabama



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3 responses to “Who Puts Chili In Spaghetti?

  1. Hi, We are in Colorado Springs today and the weather is AWESOME….. Visited Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods… Terrific….

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