Perfect Weather Dips Into The South Wednesday

Wednesday September 19th, 2012

In the wake of Tuesday’s nasty day on the East Coast, things improve dramatically Wednesday. In fact, the mean rises to 7.94 for the nation. Couldn’t quite get to 8.0 even. Perfect weather will find it’s way all the way into The South for the first time this fall.  Roxie, Mississippi is the southern most town this season to score a perfect 10. Other large perfect 10 areas along the border of Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. This includes: Huntsville, Alabama…Booneville, Mississippi…and Savannah, Tennessee.  Also in the Mississippi Valley: Batesville, Arkansas…Jackson, Missouri…and Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Out West, perfect weather abounds…still mainly in areas with some elevation. Wyoming will have the greatest concentration of 10’s including: Afton, Teton Village, Cody, Big Piney, and Hiland. Some other 10’s out West include: Seattle, Washington…Government Camp, Oregon…Butte, Montana…Tahoe, City, California…Parks, Arizona…Park City, Utah…and Gunnison, Colorado.

Frost/Freeze Areas

As for frost/freeze, something I started talking about yesterday, I made some modifications to the map to make it a little more useful. I decided to have just three categories: frost, freeze, and hard freeze. These are based solely on expected overnight temperatures and not the duration of sub-freezing temperatures, nor the availability of moisture for frost. It’s just a simple tool to show where these are possible. As you can see from the map for Wednesday morning, frost is possible all the way south into Missouri, while hard freezes are likely in the UP of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. I will try to include this daily for a while.

Best: 1. Arkansas 2. Mississippi 3. Tennessee 4. Alabama 5. Delaware
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Maine 3. Minnesota 4. Florida 5. Wisconsin


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  1. Excellent! I see it is freezing in our Rocky Mountains. I’m not surprised the color up there is wonderful!


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