Best Weather Tuesday In North Carolina

Tuesday September 25th, 2012

A spectacular day for the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic states Tuesday. North Carolina comes out on top with mean of 9.0 and even some 10’s in the western part of the state and along the northern coast. A few towns scoring perfect here includes:  Shawboro, Jacocks, Saint Johns, Lenoir, Woodfin, and Fontana Village. A streak of perfect 10’s will also appear from Glasgow, Montana through western North Dakota as well as northern Iowa and southeast Wisconsin including Milwaukee and Madison.

Worst weather will be in Oklahoma where it will be hot and windy ahead of an area of low pressure in the Rockies. This storm system will bring showers and cool weather to Colorado making it the 2nd worst in the country.

Best: 1. North Carolina 2. Delaware 3. New Jersey 4. South Dakota 5. Virginia

Worst: 1. Oklahoma 2. Colorado 3. Wyoming 4. Ohio 5. Missouri


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One response to “Best Weather Tuesday In North Carolina

  1. Thunder here and deep dark clouds! All the colorful leaves will now be pushed to the ground!


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