Two Days In A Row For Iowa

Thursday September 27th, 2012

What’s happening in Iowa? Generally, Iowa has been a place of transient weather, alternating between good weather and bad weather. This week however, Iowa has been a model of tranquility and perfect weather. This will continue tomorrow as Iowa tops the list for the 2nd day in a row…and I expect it to be in the top 5 through the weekend! An area of high pressure is stuck over the Upper Midwest, which puts Iowa and a few other states in the sweet spot.  Thursday the western part of the state will be best with perfect 10’s in: Spencer, Cherokee, Harlan, Des Moines, and Knoxville. This area of perfect weather will extend north through Minnesota through Marshall, Montevideo, and Morris.

Frost/Freeze Areas Tonight

Out West, more great weather west of the Continental Divide. Idaho has a high concentration of 10’s including: Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Soda Springs. Futher south, some of the National Parks will see perfect weather including: Zion, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and parts of Canyon De Chelly in Arizona. A few other picks out West include: Interlaken, California…Cisco, California…Lasen National Park, California…and Welches, Oregon.

Not much happening in the frost world right now. Looks like the UP of Michigan will see a hard freeze tonight, but do they really care?

Best: 1. Iowa 2. Idaho 3. Washington 4. Minnesota 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Florida 2. Texas 3. Oklahoma 4. Colorado 5. Arkansas


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  1. It’s way too hot for fall in Texas. Wish I were in Iowa!

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