Iowa: Three Times Nice Weather

Friday September 28th, 2012

As I predicted yesterday, I’m predicting Iowa to be on top for the third straight day Friday. That’s a lot of predictions but the bottom line is that Iowa is having one amazing week. Will they do it again all weekend? Doubtful, but stay tuned! I think it will actually get a little too warm this weekend, but it also depends on how bad the other states are. So, while Iowa will be the highest mean tomorrow, not nearly as many perfect 10’s in the state as today. These include: Dubuque, Garner, Fertile, and Ludlow. A much larger area of perfect weather will appear in Illinois and include: Peoria, Canton Kewanee, and Douglas Park.

Frost/Freeze Friday Morning

Out West, some fine weather as well with lots of perfect 10’s in Utah and Western Colorado including: Gateway, Eckert, and Cameo in Colorado. In Utah: Vernal,  Helper, and Lehi. Elsewhere, the Bay Area of California looks great with 10’s in San Rafael, Redwood City, Mountain View, and San Leandro. Parts of the Cascades and Coast Range in Oregon look great as well.

New England? Not so much Friday.

Hard freeze for Northern Maine and Northern Michigan.

Best: 1. Iowa 2. Illinois 3. Indiana 4. Utah 5. Minnesota
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Massachusetts 3. New Hampshire 4. Rhode Island 5. Vermont


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One response to “Iowa: Three Times Nice Weather

  1. I wish I was in Iowa right now, it really is a 1 here in Massachusetts today 😦

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