Tale Of Two Seasons In South Dakota Wednesday

Wednesday October 3rd, 2012

The first cold Fall storm is expected in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest Wednesday. Cold air and rain will spread across all of Montana and North Dakota, while the storm produce two seasons in one day in South Dakota. The standard deviation for the state is an incredible 2.4…ranging from 1 in the west to 9 in the east. Highs in the 40s for the west part of the state and mid 70s in the east! Ahead of the front, perfect weather in Wisconsin and a small part of Minnesota. This includes: Marengo, Marshfield, and Sparta in Wisconsin.

Some isolated 10’s out West including Southerlin and Winchester, Oregon…Lassen National Park and Guernville, California.

Lots of frost/freeze issue tomorrow morning, but only West for now. The cold storm in the Northern Rockies will produce snow above 5,000 feet, so widespread freezes in the higher elevations of Montana. Also, some patchy frost in the Willamette Valley of Oregon around the outskirts of Salem.

Best: 1. Wisconsin 2. Kentucky 3. Alabama 4. Tennessee 5. Arkansas
Worst: 1. Montana 2. North Dakota 3. Alaska 4. Wyoming 5. South Dakota


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One response to “Tale Of Two Seasons In South Dakota Wednesday

  1. Wow, Alaska isn’t the worst! 😉
    We’re actually having some relatively nice weather in North Texas. Cooler and breezy today.

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