East Coast Squeezes In A Nice Day Friday

Friday October 5th, 2012

The mid-Atlantic and southern New England will squeeze in a nice day Friday before the obvious cold front on the map comes through for the weekend. Overall, the best weather will be in Connecticut with perfect 10’s in Old Saybrook, Montville, and Voluntown.  A few perfect locations in Massachusetts including: Lynn and Norwell. up in New Hampshire: Hampstead, Nottingham, and Barrington. Long Island will have a number of perfect 10’s as well on the east end including: Shoreham, Calverton and Westhampton. Some scattered perfect 10’s in the Appalachian Mountains as well including: Jollett, Virgnia…Burnsville, Virginia…Balsam Grove, North Carolina…and some of the mountains of northern Georgia. An early winter storm with snow and gusty winds will keep Minnesota on the bottom of the list Friday.

Much more isolated 10’s in the West including: Crescent Valley, Nevada…Coburg, Oregon…Glenburn, California…and La Conchita, California.

Frost and freeze continues to expand across the country. Expect frost from the Front Range of the Rockies to Omaha, Nebraska and Madison, Wisconsin.

Best: 1. Connecticut 2. Rhode Island 3. Massachusetts 4. New Jersey 5. Maryland
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Alaska 3. Wyoming 4. Missouri 5. Nebraska



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2 responses to “East Coast Squeezes In A Nice Day Friday

  1. Yay! I live about 300 yards away from the Lynn Line! It’s been so rainy and murky here, we’re ready for a perfect day 🙂

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