Beautiful Early Fall Weather For The Deep South

Wednesday October 10th, 2012

I’m back after a nice long weekend. Looks like the PWI is looking pretty good Wednesday, especially for the South and West. Oregon comes out on top by a hair over Arkansas. Quite a few 10’s in the Beaver State as well with Albany, Oregon…Prineville…John Day…Baker City…and Milton-Freewater all perfect. Across the border in Washington, you can add Walla Walla to the list. For the first time in a very long time, no perfect weather in California. A few in Wyoming in the far east including: Yoder and Lingle. In Colorado…Grover and Pueblo.

In the East: Ethel, Mississippi and Lewiston, North Carolina. Not so nice from northern North Dakota east all the way to New England.

Best: 1. Oregon 2. Arkansas 3. South Carolina 4. North Carolina 5. Alabama
Worst: 1. Michigan 2. New York 3. Vermont 4. Maine 5. Minnesota



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One response to “Beautiful Early Fall Weather For The Deep South

  1. Glad you had a little break…breaks are really nice…they restore our souls, our minds, and our hearts!


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