Southeast Continues Excellent Weather Streak

Wednesday October 17th, 2012

Another excellent day expected from Virgina south to Georgia. The best will be South Carolina where perfect 10’s are expected in Lancaster, Blackstock, and Abbeville. A small area of 10’s in Virginia including Sutherland and Pertersburg…and also in Fort Payne, Georgia.

The Upper Midwest will be the real drag on the PWI tomorrow with high winds (to 60 mph) and a cold rain. States like North Dakota and Minnesota help keep the national mean down to 6.6 on Wednesday.

Out West, vast improvement in the Pacific Northwest tomorrow with 6’s and 7’s much more common. The best weather will be in Arizona again, especially around the Mogollon Rim near Show Low and also on the border with Utah in Page. California does pretty well tomorrow with quite few 10’s in the Sierra’s and also scattered near the coast. Ocean Beach near San Francisco, Seaside, the Yosemite Valley, and Blue Canyon with all achieve a 10.

Best: 1. South Carolina 2. Georgia 3. Virginia 4. North Carolina 5. West Virginia
Worst: 1. North Dakota 2. Alaska 3. Minnesota 4. Montana 5. Wyoming


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