Beautiful Weather In The Bayous

Friday October 29th, 2012

Louisiana tops the Perfect Weather Index list on Friday with a mean of  8.9. The Bayou State achieves this without any perfect 10’s. All of the perfect 10’s will be out West tomorrow with Colorado seeing the most, but cool temperatures in the mountains hold the mean in the state to 8.3 which is 13th on the list. Some 10’s in Colorado include: Arvada, DIA, Fort Morgan, Sterling, Lamar, Walsenburg, and Fountain. The Panhandle of Texas will see some perfect weather as well including: Pampa, Borger, Dumas, and Masterson.

A few others:

Espanola, New Mexico…Gandao, Arizona…Caineville, Utah, Zion National Park, Utah…Fremont, California…Salinas, California…Preston, Nevada.

A big low pressure in the Great Lakes will keep most of the northern states below PWI 6 on Friday. The worst of which will be Indiana. Most of the Great Lake States will be lower than Alaska, mainly due to the clouds and precipitation. The way the PWI works, you could have a terribly cold day, but with sunny skies and light winds…still achieve a relatively good score. In deed, this is the case tomorrow as most of Alaska will be below freezing for highs, but with quite a bit of sunshine.

I have not done a featured location in quite a while so today I thought I would pick Ganado, Arizona. Near by is Hubbell Trading Postwhich is run by the National Park Service and ion the list of National Historic Sites. From the NPS web site: “John Lorenzo Hubbell purchased the trading post in 1878, ten years after Navajos were allowed to return to their homeland from their terrible exile at Bosque Redondo, Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. During the four years spent at Bosque Redondo, Navajos were introduced to many new items. Traders like Hubbell supplied those items once they returned home.

Hubbell had an enduring influence on Navajo rugweaving and silversmithing, for he consistently demanded and promoted excellence in craftsmanship. He built a trading empire that included stage and freight lines as well as several trading posts. At various times, he and his two sons, together or separately, owned 24 trading posts, a wholesale house in Winslow, and other business and ranch properties. Beyond question, he was the foremost Navajo trader of his time.”

Best: 1. Louisiana 2. New Mexico 3. Alabama 4. Mississippi 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Indiana 2. Iowa 3. Minnesota 4. Illinois 5. New Hampshire


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