Perfect Weather Monday In The Cumberland Gap

Monday October 22nd, 2012

Perfect weather will center itself around eastern Tennessee and Kentucky Monday, with a perfect 10 for Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. A few towns in the area which achieve perfect are: Gatlinburg, Hartford, Erwin, Cagle, and Elk Valley in Tennesse…and London, Corbin, and Harlan in Kentucky. Another area of perfect 10’s in coastal North Carolina and Southeast Virginia. Here we have: Sand Bridge Beach and Back Bay in Virginia…and Sligo, Riddle, and Jacocks in North Carolina. In South Carolina: Myrtle Beach, Garden City, and Wampee.
Absolutely nothing good happening out West as a big low drops into the region. Only the Desert Southwest will see anything about PWI 6 tomorrow.

National Mean


Best 1. South Carolina 2. Virginia 3. North Carolina 4. Delaware 5. Georgia
Worst 1. Oregon 2. Washington 3. Idaho 4. Montana 5. Wyoming


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