Perfect Weather For The Desert Southwest Saturday

Saturday October 27th, 2012

Sandy continues to threaten the East Coast but not until Monday. It still looks like a major storm from the Mid-Atlantic to New England with widespread power outages and heavy rain. Exactly who gets what and when is still a bit uncertain, but the entire region will be affected to some degree.

Meanwhile, Saturday looks like an amazing day for Arizona and California. Perfect 10’s in central Arizona including: Kirkland, Bagdad, Sedona, and parts of the Grand Canyon. Next door in Nevada, Henderson and other areas around Las Vegas look great as well. California will have by far the most 10’s in the country, especially in the central part of the state and in the Bay Area. Mountain Spring, Olancha, Salinas, Sonora, and Fairview are among the perfect spots tomorrow.

Best: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Georgia 4. Florida 5. Louisiana
Worst: 1. Washington 2. Ohio 3. Montana 4. South Dakota 5. Idaho


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