Conditions Deteriorate Sunday In The Mid-Atlantic As Sandy Nears

Sunday October 29th, 2012

It looks like Sandy will make landfall on Monday in northern New Jersey or perhaps right over New York City. High winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding will all begin late Sunday as the storm approaches. Monday looks like it will be the worst day. Cold air and front over Ohio and western Pennsylvania will provide some chilly rains tomorrow, then as Sandy approaches,  heavy snow will develop in West Virginia. Quite a mess.

Is there any good weather Sunday? Of course, there is always some place having perfect weather and tomorrow it looks like the Desert Southwest again will be best. Some picks tomorrow include: Foster City, Oxnard,and  Lake Arrowhead in California. Scattered 10’s in the Nevada desert including Scotty’s Junction and Jean. A few 10’s in the mountains of Arizona around Sedona. The first 10’s I’ve seen this season in Texas appear around Pecos, Barstow and parts of Big Bend National Park.

National Mean


Best: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Texas 4. Florida 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Pennsylvania 2. Delaware 3. Maryland 4. West Virginia 5. Ohio


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