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Florida Repeats Best Weather In The Nation Streak Sunday

Sunday November 25th, 2012

A near repeat of Saturday expected for Sunday. The same South Florida locations will be prefect again and you can add Fort Myers. Florida once again comes out on top overall. A small area of PWI 10’s in Texas near Hardin also in southwest Oklahoma around Altus. Nearly the same California and Arizona locations as Saturday including: San Luis Obispo, Thousand Oaks, Ludlow, and Temecula.

Best: 1. Florida 2. Louisiana 3. Oklahoma 4. Texas 5. Arizona
Worst: 1. New York 2. Montana 3. Michigan 4. Wyoming 5. Idaho



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Perfect Weather Moves Into South Florida Saturday

Saturday November 24th, 2012

It is now perfect weather season in South Florida. Cooler and drier air has finally pushed summer out of the state and with lows tonight in the 50s…Floridians should open their windows to let the fresh air in. Of course, with lows in the 50s…Floridians will certainly complain it’s too cold. Tomorrow looks perfect from Florida City…to Miami…to  West Palm Beach, with one caveat however, the beaches will only be a PWI 9 as the winds will be slightly strong.

The rest of the good weather will be in California and Arizona in many of the same places as today. Hollister, Hearst Castle, Palmdale, and San Clemente look best.  In Arizona a couple picks are Kingman and Kirkland.

The worst weather by far will be downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lots of lake effect snow and cold temperatures will keep Oswego, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania at PWI 1.

Best: 1. Florida 2. Arizona 3. California 4. Texas 5. New Mexico
Worst: 1. New York 2. Pennsylvania 3. Vermont 4. West Virginia 5. Oregon


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Best Weather Friday Confined To The Two Southern Corners

Friday November 23rd, 2012

A cold storm in the Great Lakes will provide the first significant snow for the region. Lots of PWI 1’s mainly in the UP of Michigan and downwind of Lake Erie. This storm will push cooler temperature south and limit the amount of good weather in the nation to the far Southeast and Southwest. The best weather by far will be in Florida Friday with a mean of 9.2 and two areas of perfect 10’s. The first will be centered around Tallahassee but extend west to Portland, Florida…and south to Athena, Florida…and north to Camilla, Georgia. The other area of 10’s in Florida will be around Lake Okeechobee from Belle Glade to La Belle.

Out West, lots of 10’s in California including: Hollister, Hearst Castle, Morro Bay, Vandenberg AFB, Santa Monica, and Oceanside to name a few. A few 10’s in Nevada most notably at the Hoover Dam and just a few isolated pockets in Arizona.

Best: 1. Florida 2. South Carolina 3. Georgia 4. Arizona 5. California
Worst: 1. Michigan 2. Washington 3. Ohio 4. Wisconsin 5. Pennsylvania


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Alabama To Have Best Thanksgiving Day Weather

Thanksgiving Day November 22nd, 2012

Overall, nothing terrible expected for Turkey Day 2012 weatherwise. The worst weather will be in the far northern Midwest around Grand Forks, North Dakota where rain will turn to snow and wind. The winner tomorrow will be Alabama with a mean score of 8.9 for the state. The state with the most perfect 10’s will be in Arizona. Lots of 10’s east of Tucson including: Tombstone, Safford, and Willcox. A few locations in Southern California as well…most notably Thousand Oaks, Ramona, and Twenty Nine Palms.

Enjoy the holiday!

Best: 1. Alabama 2. Louisiana 3. Florida 4. Mississippi 5. Georgia
Worst: 1. North Dakota 2. Minnesota 3. South Dakota 4. Montana 5. Wyoming


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Good Weather For The Thanksgiving Travel Week

Wednesday November 21st, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a perfect weather index forecast. I’m not sure if I want to spend the time to create this map every day but we’ll see after this long break. Let me know if you are still interested in seeing it or if you have some recommendations on how to improve it.

So I was surprised returning to this that it should be a pretty good day tomorrow overall. Some great weather in the Deep South which is no surprise this time of year. I was surprised to see PWI 9’s as far north as South Dakota tomorrow. Even some perfect 10’s in far eastern Colorado around Fairfield and Vernon. A large area of 10’s in eastern Oklahoma from Wilson to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Further south, Beatrice, Mississippi…Jackson, Louisiana…and Rock Hill, Alabama all look perfect tomorrow.

The Pacific Northwest looks abysmal tomorrow, but a few 10’s it the Desert Southwest.  Here I’ve got Lake Piru, California…Woodcrest, California…Golden Valley, Arizona…and a few other sparse desert locations as perfect.

Also worth mentioning that there will be lots of clouds and showers in Hawaii which holds the PWI to a mean of 6.2…which is quite low for this tropical paradise.

Best: 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Florida 4. Alabama 5. Oklahoma
Worst: 1. Oregon 2. Washington 3. Idaho 4. Montana 5. Maine

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