Perfect Weather Moves Into South Florida Saturday

Saturday November 24th, 2012

It is now perfect weather season in South Florida. Cooler and drier air has finally pushed summer out of the state and with lows tonight in the 50s…Floridians should open their windows to let the fresh air in. Of course, with lows in the 50s…Floridians will certainly complain it’s too cold. Tomorrow looks perfect from Florida City…to Miami…to  West Palm Beach, with one caveat however, the beaches will only be a PWI 9 as the winds will be slightly strong.

The rest of the good weather will be in California and Arizona in many of the same places as today. Hollister, Hearst Castle, Palmdale, and San Clemente look best.  In Arizona a couple picks are Kingman and Kirkland.

The worst weather by far will be downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Lots of lake effect snow and cold temperatures will keep Oswego, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania at PWI 1.

Best: 1. Florida 2. Arizona 3. California 4. Texas 5. New Mexico
Worst: 1. New York 2. Pennsylvania 3. Vermont 4. West Virginia 5. Oregon



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2 responses to “Perfect Weather Moves Into South Florida Saturday

  1. I always rush to see where Colorado falls! Thanks for doing this for all of us!


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