Too Bad There Are No Shuttles To Launch

Wednesday December 19th, 2012

Wednesday December 19th, 2012

Expecting a perfect weather day at Kennedy Space Center in Florida tomorrow, but there are no scheduled space shuttle launches after NASA killed the shuttle program. But if you going to Ron Jon Surf Shop, in Cocoa Beach, Florida…it will be just as nice. This perfect weather extends north through Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, then curves inland at St. Augustine towards Lake City. On the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida there is another strip along the coast from Hernando Beach, north to Homosassa Springs, to Suwannee. There is a large area of PWI 10’s in southwest Georgia and northern Florida as well. Some of the larger towns in this area include: Tallahassee, Florida…Thomasville, Moultrie, and Bainbridge in Georgia. Overall, the mean for Florida is nearly 9.0 and will be tops for the nation tomorrow.

A blizzard in the Midwest will keep scores at their lowest from just east of Denver to Grand Island, Nebraska and Dodge City, Kansas. And of course, quite nasty in the Pacific Northwest again with Washington State at the bottom.

Best: 1. Florida 2. Georgia 3. Alabama 4. South Carolina 5. Mississippi
Worst: 1. Washington 2. Nebraska 3. Kansas 4. Colorado 5. Oregon


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