Perfect Weather Blog Returns

Sunday May 14th, 2017

It’s been a five years since I’ve contributed to the Perfect Weather blog but recently I have become interested in sharing this again. I think it’s fun so why not? For those who forgot or don’t know what this blog is about, I analyze National Weather Service data all across the country to find the most perfect weather. Many factors go into perfect weather including: temperatures, wind, humidity, cloud cover, etc. I am also open a repository of other graphical weather forecasts at and possibly another blog dedicated to those other weather maps. Also, I now have the ability to archive all PWI maps and will be examining weekly, monthly, and possibly the yearly best weather in the country. I expect this to be incredibly interesting as we move forward to see who really has the best weather in the nation. For today we have:

Best: 1. Kentucky 2. North Caroline 3. South Carolina 4. Arkansas 5. Tennessee
Worst: 1. Maine 2. New Hampshire 3. Massachusetts 4. Rhode Island 5. Vermont


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One response to “Perfect Weather Blog Returns

  1. Hey, I remember you! Nice to see you back, and yes, the weather in Massachusetts is terrible today!

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