Ever since I was a boy, sunning myself on the the hood of the family car on a clear spring day, I have been interested in the the most perfect weather. What is perfect? I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but for me 72 degrees, full sunshine, low humidity, and a light breeze doesn’t get any better. So I have married my passion for geography and meteorology to come up with a totally self-absorbed “perfect weather index” which incorporates all the criteria needed to make a PERFECT weather day, IMO.


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  1. Great idea to bring your passions together in print and graphic. I look forward to your findings. How low is “low humidity”? We’re often in single digits in the summer and winter here in the Front Range of the Rockies.

    • Thanks! About the humidity…I don’t actually use humidity but heat index or apparent temperature. If the apparent temperature is the same as the actual temperature, then I assume that the temperature is tolerable. You could have high temperature of 72 but with the humidity it might feel like over 80. Yuk! So for dry areas, it can work in reverse, it might be 80 degrees but only feel like 75 because it’s so dry.

  2. sandy

    Neat blog!

  3. 72 degrees, low humidity, light breeze, and sunshine! I love it!

  4. glennweissel

    kick it up to 80 degrees, with low humidity and lots of sunshine…perfect!

  5. Erin Cooper

    Thanks for the like on my blog, I’m in total agreement on the low-seventies and low humidity for my perfect weather!

  6. Thanks for liking my blog.
    My perfect weather slips between 22 (72) – 25 (77) with a slight breeze to keep it not too bad, and a lovely thunderstorm with awesome lightning.

  7. Very cool blog. You should check out Ajijic, Mexico – temps are high in May (90’s, but it doesn’t feel like it) but there’s very low humidity so all you have to do to cool off is walk in the shade. Then it drops to the 60’s at night – perfect for sleeping.

  8. Thanks for the like on my “Photos On The Go”. You have an interesting blog – althought I´m not resident in the U.S.A. but in Germany / Bavaria, I appreciate your passion and your efforts to inform our blogsphere about the weather situation – it´s looks like very proffessional!

    Sunelly Sims

  9. I hope, for your sake, that you live in San Diego! 🙂

  10. Now…add a new car with a open sun roof, and it’s Saturday night, and it’s 75 (okay, so I grew up in Naples, Florida) Windows open, radio on…and no place to go but to feel the wind in your face…and you just cruise.

    Heaven…in the midwest. California nights are too COLD for me.

  11. I wanna know: are you living in your perfect place? And if so where is this place?

  12. This is an interesting site. Thanks for sharing. Humidity does make a huge difference. I grew up in the Midwest where 70 was warm, and in West 70 is almost too cool. We had 70 degrees the other day, and I had to wear a sweatshirt. Today is perfect at about 83. Nice breeze, too!

  13. iamlenise

    This is such a creative idea! Great titles..they really catch a reader’s attention..Nice job 🙂

  14. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and the like! I really like what you’re doing here, always searching for the perfect weather! I agree with you on your idea of the perfect weather condition. For me the temperature may be anything between 72 and 92 though (but NOT without the breeze :))

  15. oxy10

    Have you considered animating your maps for a month or two?

  16. You sound like a man after a small Griff’s heart. I live in Michigan and I’m pretty sure we do not have very many “perfect weather” days. But I take what I can get. I’ll watch your blog to see if maybe I should think of relocating.

    By the way, thanks for checking out my blog, and “liking” it!

  17. messyme

    i guess everyone has their own idea of perfect weather. Right now…here in Texas it is just HOT and so very humid. But I want to live here so I will stay and put up with it and dream of the first fall day when the air is crisp and I actually need to go put on a jacket. I love fall weather more than all the other seasons. Thank you for liking my photos. I appreciate it.

  18. Oh, this is great! I generally agree with your definition of perfect weather. Although, I must admit, as a meteorologist, I love some “terrible” weather days mixed in every once in a while. Just to keep it interesting. I’m not sure I could stand to live in San Diego, but there are many February days where I would love to vacation there.

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog Cruising with Phoenix, and the like on my post “Sunrise at Anacortes Marina.” I agree with your philosophy of perfect weather being “72 degrees, full sunshine, low humidity, and a light breeze.” Have you checked out Saltspring Island, BC? It’s been described as having “incredible natural beauty and probably the mildest climate in North America.”

  20. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by and liking a recent post. Your blog is a great idea! Awesome graphics and pics. 🙂

  21. thanks for liking my post… you probably guessed that I am also obsessed by the weather (as well as cows)…if only your great blog covered the UK too! Though of course being British we have plenty of chat about the weather. I like it a bit cooler though but I totally agree about humidity. Once, I was in New Orleans in May, I really thought I was going to expire…and don’t get me started on Delhi….

  22. I like your idea of a perfect weather day! Anything higher than 80 is hot for me — I prefer 70-72. But living in Texas, I experience a large portion of the year with excessive heat.
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog!

  23. My perfect weather this year would be a few warm dry days in a row. This year has been wet, wet, wet. Roads flooded, crops flattened, no lunches eaten outside and wearing a raincoat every day. Gets depressing. Thanks for reading my blog. Great to connect with people around the world.

  24. 72 is wonder, but personally I prefer to keep things cool at 55-68. Plus I like to wear sweaters and vests.

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