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Alabama To Have Best Thanksgiving Day Weather

Thanksgiving Day November 22nd, 2012

Overall, nothing terrible expected for Turkey Day 2012 weatherwise. The worst weather will be in the far northern Midwest around Grand Forks, North Dakota where rain will turn to snow and wind. The winner tomorrow will be Alabama with a mean score of 8.9 for the state. The state with the most perfect 10’s will be in Arizona. Lots of 10’s east of Tucson including: Tombstone, Safford, and Willcox. A few locations in Southern California as well…most notably Thousand Oaks, Ramona, and Twenty Nine Palms.

Enjoy the holiday!

Best: 1. Alabama 2. Louisiana 3. Florida 4. Mississippi 5. Georgia
Worst: 1. North Dakota 2. Minnesota 3. South Dakota 4. Montana 5. Wyoming



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Weekend Weather Outlook

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I thought I would try a slideshow of the weekend outlook. You can see The South will by far be the best this weekend with Alabama coming in at the top overall. Also, you can see the best weather in the Midwest shifting north. Cooler air, clouds, and a few showers lower the PWI out West on Sunday. Watch the mountains of Utah as they drop from 7’s and 8’s to 4’s and 5’s.

The best weather on Saturday will be in Alabama with perfect 10’s in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. Some other in the South on Saturday include: Crossroads, Georgia…Clarksdale, Mississippi…Stuttgart, Arkansas…Fayetteville, Arkansas…Joplin, Missouri…and Clinton, North Carolina.

Out West on Saturday, perfect weather in Los Alamos, New Mexico…Farmington, New Mexico…Colorado Springs, Colorado…Fruitvale, Colorado…Delta, Colorado…and Auburn, California.

60% few perfect 10’s on the map Sunday with the most appearing in Kentucky, South Carolina and Nebraska. Some select 10’s include: Bowling Green, Kentucky…Nashville, Tennessee…Fairfield, Illinois…Evansville, Indiana…New Hope, South Carolina…Savannah, Georgia…and Lexington, Nebraska.

Out West on Sunday, not much to speak of. A few in Colorado near Colorado Springs and some isolated pockets in California.

National Mean



Best Saturday

1. Alabama 2. Mississippi 3. Arkansas 4. South Carolina 5. Georgia
Worst Saturday
1. Washington 2. Ohio 3. Idaho 4. Oregon 5. Montana

Best Sunday
1. South Carolina 2. Georgia 3. Alabama 4. Tennessee 5. North Carolina
Worst Sunday
1. Washington 2. Oregon 3. Idaho 4. Vermont 5. Montana

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Beautiful Weather Moves East

May 10th, 2012

May 10th, 2012

Not quite as nice as yesterday with the mean PWI down just a hair (still a PWI 7), but another brilliant weather day for most of the country. There are two areas of perfect 10’s tomorrow May 10th, 2012. The first is in north-central Missouri around the town of Dalton. The second area lies along the border of Tennessee and Alabama. A couple of good picks here would be New Market, Tennessee and Woodville, Alabama. Overall, Missouri scores the best with an 8.98 followed closely by Illinois. Poor Maine just can’t catch a break this week and again has the lowest score (mean 3.3) and up to another inch of rain for parts of the state. Although, Montana will see the largest area of low PWI , only the far eastern plains prevents the entire state from being the low point in the country (mean 3.9). Surprisingly cold, wind, and wet in west Texas tomorrow produces some low scores there as well, though they really need the rain.


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