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Beautiful Early Fall Weather For The Deep South

Wednesday October 10th, 2012

I’m back after a nice long weekend. Looks like the PWI is looking pretty good Wednesday, especially for the South and West. Oregon comes out on top by a hair over Arkansas. Quite a few 10’s in the Beaver State as well with Albany, Oregon…Prineville…John Day…Baker City…and Milton-Freewater all perfect. Across the border in Washington, you can add Walla Walla to the list. For the first time in a very long time, no perfect weather in California. A few in Wyoming in the far east including: Yoder and Lingle. In Colorado…Grover and Pueblo.

In the East: Ethel, Mississippi and Lewiston, North Carolina. Not so nice from northern North Dakota east all the way to New England.

Best: 1. Oregon 2. Arkansas 3. South Carolina 4. North Carolina 5. Alabama
Worst: 1. Michigan 2. New York 3. Vermont 4. Maine 5. Minnesota



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Tennessee Tops Perfect Weather List Thursday

Thursday October 4th, 2012

The perfect weather index is definitely off it’s peak which was an 8.0 mean for the nation in mid-September (Thursday 6.8). With cold air beginning to intrude from the north I think there is little doubt we won’t see 8.0 again until May or June. But that doesn’t mean perfect weather won’t exist, it won’t just be found in different places. Thursday will be the first day in quite a while when Tennessee tops the list. Not many perfect 10’s in the Volunteer State except right along the border of North Carolina. A few more perfect 10’s in far eastern Kentucky tomorrow including: Flint, Diane, and Pansy. A few in Virginia as well around Woodlawn and Floyd.

Out West, a pocket of 10’s in central Utah  including Delta and Fruita. A few more showing up in Coastal California including: Shively, Myers Flat, Comptche, Anderson, Palo Alto, and Greenfield. A few in Southwest Oregon as well including: Drain, Coquille, Sutherlin and Oakland.

The storm in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest will usher in some really cold air into the West. Many locations will see there first hard freeze tonight. Some of the most vulnerable areas are: the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the Treasure Valley in Idaho, all of Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota will see either a freeze or hard freeze. Much of Colorado except the far west and far east will see frost or freeze. In Utah from the Wasatch east will see freezing conditions as well.

Best: 1. Tennessee 2. Kentucky 3. West Virginia 4. Indiana 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Alaska 3. North Dakota 4. South Dakota 5. Maine


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Heat And Humidity Pushed Into The Deep South

Monday August 6th, 2012

Could this be the first sign of summer beginning to lose it’s grip on the nation? A cold front sweeping through from New England to the Ohio Valley today will bring much cooler and drier weather to the Midwest and Great Lake States Monday. All of the really hot and sticky weather will be relegated to the Deep South from Louisiana to Georgia. This makes the national mean jump to 6.6 on Monday with Michigan leading the way. More importantly, I have not seen PWI 7’s and 8’s in Missouri and Kentucky for example, in a very long time. Surprisingly, perfect 10’s are few on Monday with most in far southwest New York and along the Northern

Jamestown, New York

California coast.  My picks for tomorrow include: Jamestown, New York…Brocton, New York…and North East, Pennsylvania. Out in California, some perfect 10’s include: Bridgeville and Whitehorn.

   Best                     Worst

1. Michigan              1. Alaska
2. Ohio                       2. Alabama
3. New York            3. Louisiana
4. Pennsylvania    4. Mississippi
5. Wisconsin           5. Georgia

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