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Perfect Weather Repeats Around Seattle Washington

Tuesday September 4th, 2012

Lets play a game. Can you guess the location of the lowest and only grid square of PWI 2 on the map Tuesday? Yes, I mean in the Continental US…Alaska I have totally written off for the season. See the bottom for the answer.

The Northeast and the Northwest continue to play ping-pong with the best weather in the country. Tuesday will be The Pacific Northwest’s turn with all of the top five states out West. While Seattle was my pick for best Labor Day weather, the state as a whole could not outperform New England today. This will not be the case Tuesday as the remnants of Isaac bring rain northeast to about Portland, Maine. So, Washington State will be on top with a mean of 8.7 followed closely by Oregon at 8.6. Quite a few perfect 10’s around Puget Sound again tomorrow with Stanwood, Everett, Shoreline, Seattle (downtown), Belfair, and Leland all perfect. South of Puget Sound, add South Bend and Doty to the list.

Elsewhere around the West, more scattered mountainous perfect weather, but still a few towns standout such as: Bozeman, Montana…Sand Point, Idaho…San Rafael, California and portions of the Front Range in Colordao. Here I’ve got Glen Haven, Brookvale, Conifer, and Bailey.

Quite a few showers expected the next few days down in Hawaii, mainly on the windward side of course as the trade winds blow pretty strong. Hawaii ranges from about 7.0 to 7.3 on a daily basis, but with the extra wind and showers, the Aloha State will be kept to a relatively low 6.7 mean.

About the answer to the question I posed at the beginning, here is a hint…it’s east of the Mississippi River. It is the highest point in the Northeast (6,288 feet) and holds the record for for the highest wind gust directly measured in the Northern and Western Hemisphere, 231 mph on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. On the right is a picture of the observatory at the peak which is staffed by scientists and weather observers. Click here for the current conditions on the mountain. The answer is Mt. Washington, New Hampshire which is part of the White Mountains. Contrary to popular belief, it no longer holds the record for highest measured wind gust in the world, that dubious honor occured during Cyclone Olivia on Barrow Island in 1996. A gust of 253 mph was recorded there and offshore it produced swells of 69 feet! Anyway, Mt. Washington’s weather is routinely bad and will only get worse through fall and winter. During the summer you can actually drive to the top on the Mt. Washington Auto Road…or take the Cog Railway to the top.

Best 1. Washington 2. Idaho 3. Oregon 4. Montana 5. Wyoming
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Alabama 3. Maryland 4. Georgia 5. Delware


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Bridgeville, California A Perfect 10 This Weekend

Saturday July 21st, 2012

Sunday July 22nd, 2012

There’s no doubt New England will see the best weather in the nation on Saturday. Widespread PWI 9’s and 10’s from Caribou, Maine south to Providence, Rhode Island! Southwest Oregon will also see some fine weather Saturday and Sunday and will probably be the best region overall for the weekend. There is, however, one location in the nation that will see a perfect 10 on both Saturday and Sunday and that is Bridgeville, California. This town is in the mountains of Northern California about 30 miles from the coast in the land of the Redwood Forest. A few other picks for perfect 10’s on Saturday include: Keene Valley, NY…Wallingford, VT…Hawley, MA…Curlew, WA…and Silver Falls, OR.

Sunday will not be quite as nice nationally as the mean for the nation drops from 6.5 to 6.3. New England will still see nice weather but it will be warmer than Saturday. All of the perfect 10’s will be out West mainly in Oregon and the panhandle of Idaho. Picks for perfect 10’s on Sunday include: Hope, ID…Steamboat, OR…and Howard Prairie, OR.

I would also like to point out some perfect 10’s in Hawaii…which is actually a little unusual given the high humidity there. Of course, these occur well inland in the mountains. Two picks for 10’s Sunday include: Kula on Maui and Waikii on the Big Island.

               Saturday                                                    Sunday

   Best                          Worst                     Best                        Worst

1. Vermont                      1. Louisiana                  1. Rhode Island          1. Florida
2. Massachusetts          2. Alabama                   2. Massachusetts       2. Louisiana
3. New Hampshire       3. North Carolina      3. New Hampshire    3. Mississippi
4. Rhode Island            4. South Carolina      4. Connecticut            4. Georgia
5. Maine                           5. Georgia                     5. Oregon                       5. Alabama

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Alaska And Hawaii Added

May 16th, 2012

May 16th, 2012

Someone pointed out that I always leave off Alaska and Hawaii on the perfect weather index. This was certainly not intentional as both states can have perfect weather at times, but rather I assumed there wouldn’t be as much interest. But having lived in Alaska myself, I know how frustrating it is to be left off, as if they are not as important. So today, I am introducing the PWI for Alaska and Hawaii. The mean for Alaska tomorrow is 4.7 and Hawaii is 7.4. Common sense would assume Alaska will frequently be low and Hawaii consistently high, but I’m certain there will be better days than others. Even Hawaii, due to showers, clouds, and humidity should rarely see perfect 10’s.  Although, tomorrow near Waikii, Hawaii there is one tiny area of perfect 10. This is where elevation plays a factor as this location is around 5,000 feet and somewhat rain-shadowed by Mauna Kea.

Across the Continental US, the mean is down a bit tomorrow at 7.1. There will however, be a couple rather large areas of perfect 10’s in Minnesota and Iowa. In Minnesota, these 10’s lie just north of the Twin Cities around Milaca. In Iowa, Maquoketa is one of the larger towns in perfect 10 territory. There are also the usual smattering of 10’s in California just inland from the coast or up in the foothills of the Sierras. Culver City, California is one of the cities in the state directly in a perfect 10 location. Overall, the Upper Midwest will see the best weather in the nation with Iowa leading the way (mean 8.7) followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois. Maine would be at the bottom if it were not for the addition of Alaska to the PWI map. Second to last is actually the Sunshine State (Florida), mainly due to the influence of heat and humidity.

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