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A Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Upper Midwest Today

A very large area of perfect weather can be found today from North Dakota all the way to Illinois. This includes the Fargo, ND…Sioux Falls, SD…Ames, IA…and Springfield, Il. Overall, Iowa comes out with a record 9.5, the highest for a state this year. Clouds and cool temperatures keeps Maine on the bottom today, but not a lot of really bad weather on the map today.

Check back later today we I will post the overall winner for the month of May!


Best: 1. Iowa 2. North Dakota 3. Minnesota 4. Illinois 5. South Dakota
Worst: 1. Maine 2. Florida 3. Louisiana 4. Texas 5. Alabama


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Beautiful Weather In The Land Of Lincoln

May 22nd, 2012

May 22nd, 2012

After a brilliant week last week, the weather this week has taken a nose-dive. Tomorrow, the mean perfect weather index is only 6.1 for the nation as a whole. The best weather will shift east a bit tomorrow with Illinois now looking to be the best in the country. They will also have the largest area of perfect 10’s with the center around Leland, Illinois.

With the large storm system coming into the Pacific Northwest, there are some really terrible PWI scores in that region. Having lived in Oregon for many years, I can safely say I do not miss the rain and cold, especially with summer so near! Washington scores a dismal 3.7. I would like to point out some really great weather in the interior of Alaska as a large area of PWI 9’s appears around the Fairbanks area tomorrow.

Best                               Worst

1. Illinois                     1. Washington
2. Indiana                   2. Idaho
3. Wisconsin             3. Oregon
4. Missouri                4. Montana
5. Michigan                5. South Dakota


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