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Northwest And Northeast Battle For Best Weather Sunday

Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Very nice late summer weather in the two northern corners of the country on Sunday with what’s left of Isaac sandwiched in between. Oregon will come out on top with a mean of 8.8 and a large portion of the perfect 10’s. In the suburbs of Portland, Sellwood, Sherwood, Sunnyside and Clackamas will be perfect 10’s. Down the coast range: Buell, Falls City, and Burn Woods will be perfect as well. Over in the Cascades: Detroit, Marion Forks, and Hills Creek Reservoir. Up in Washington: Conconully, Clayton, and Pullman. Quite a few in Idaho as well including: Hope,  St. Maries, Moscow, Reubens, and Stanley.  A line of perfect 10’s down the Sierra Nevada Mountains including: Lasen National Park,  Sierra City, Lake Spaulding, Blue Canyon, Tahoe City, Kyburz, Bodie, and Mammoth Lakes. In the Bay Area, Oakland  is one of the largest cities to make the list in a while.

What’s left of Isaac will hold the national mean down to 6.7 as parts of The South and even the Great Lakes now get the rain from the former hurricane.

My featured perfect 10 site today is Stanley, Idaho. I have a personal connection with this town as it is the first place I ever  saw a bald eagle. My family went on a long camping trip out West when I was about 13 years old.  Stanley is at the foot of the Sawtooth Range and is one of the most remote location I have been to. Anyone looking for a true Western wilderness experience should head to Stanley. It only has a population of 63 so don’t expect a lot of services.

Best 1. Oregon 2. Idaho 3. Vermont 4. New York 5. Rhode Island
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Tennessee 3. Kentucky 4. Indiana 5. Alabama



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Isaac Penetrates Deeper Into The Mississippi Valley

Friday August 31st, 2012

Isaac will continue to drift northward up the Mississippi River bringing heavy rain and general misery to the south…and now parts of the Midwest. With the wind dying out, the lowest on the map is now a PWI 3, which is still pretty ugly weather.

The Pacific Northwest will have an excellent late summer day Friday with lots of perfect 10’s. Oregon will have the highest mean with 8.4 and the majority of perfect 10’s. These will be found at mainly locations with a little elevation such as the Cascades or the Coast Range. One area near Portland will be Clackamas and Oregon City. Also, Sheridan, Burnt Woods, Crescent Lake, Hills Creek Reservoir, and Marion Forks. Up in Washington: Mazama, and Curlew. Scattered 10’s in Northern Idaho and Northwest Montana. Down the California Coast a number of 10’s appear including: Bull Creek, Philo, Los Altos Hills, and Day Valley.  Yesterday, I talked about an area in south-central New Mexico with 10’s and that will persist again tomorrow around Cloudcroft. Also worth mentioning is two strips of 10’s right along the shore of Lake Superior including: Gran Marais and Tofte, Minnesota. On the Michigan side: Lake of the Clouds and Ontonagon.

Alaska is rapidly going downhill to fall with a very low mean of 3.6 and more than 3,000 PWI 1’s ! Snow above 4,000 feet in the northern part of the state. Southeast Alaska is barely hanging on to some nice weather. It won’t last much longer there either.

I know nothing about Cloudcroft, New Mexico so I thought I would feature it today. The elevation of Cloudcroft is 8,600 feet which explains why it shows up on the perfect weather index map unlike the rest of New Mexcio where it’s blisteringly hot. The picutre below shows the elevation difference from the White Sands at the bottom to the Sacramento Mountains covered in forest. It was named by Fodors in 2002 as the Number 3 Most Overlooked and Underrated Destination Spot. Tourism remains the primary economic driver of the village. It is home to one of the highest golf courses in the country called The Lodge. “As you tee off on the first hole, a 150 – foot vertical drop welcomes you onto The Lodge golf course. And that’s just the beginning. At 9,000 feet above sea level, the terrain is as challenging as it is beautiful”…at least according to their web site.

Best 1. Oregon 2. Washington 3. Minnesota 4. Michigan 5. New Mexico
Worst 1. Mississippi 2. Alaska 3. Louisiana 4. Arkansas 5. Alabama

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Isaac Comes Ashore; New England Perfect Weather Outbreak

Wednesday August 29th, 2012

Expected Rainfall From Isaac

Isaac should come ashore early Wednesday with the usual potpourri of terrible weather. New Orleans should see the brunt of the bad weather with a foot rain expected. Yes, a foot…or even more! Meanwhile, an outbreak of perfect weather in New England, especially for northern Pennsylvania where a giant streak of PWI 10’s will be found from Erie to  Warren to Wysox. In Central New York: Erwinds, Townsend, Mapleton, and Marysville to name a few. Also a large area in the Hudson Valley of New York from Ticonderoga to Saratoga Springs to Tray and Catskill. A lot of 10’s  in New Hampshire including Rye,  Jaffrey and Northwood.

Out West, perfect 10’s mainly scattered through Southeast Oregon and few in California. In Oregon: Bly, and Lorella, Merrill. In California: Monte Rio, San Rafael, Piedmont, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Imperial Beach.

Eerie, Pennsylvania

Best 1. Connecticut 2. Pennsylvania 3. Massachusetts 4. Rhode Island 5. New York
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Alaska 4. Florida 5. Georgia


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Here Comes Isaac

Monday August 27th, 2012

Tuesday August 28th, 2012

After several days of difficult predictions by the National Hurricane Center, it now looks like Isaac will head to New Orleans. Ironically, it will make landfall 7 years to the day on the anniversary of hurricane Katrina. But, this is the busiest time of year in the tropics, so having a land-falling hurricane on that date is not unusual. As you can imagine, the PWI reflects the hurricane conditions expected down in the Bayou.

Elsewhere, very average run of the mill days today and tomorrow, but the Great Lake states will be the best. Wisconsin on top today and Michigan best tomorrow. A few selections of perfect 10’s include: Bessemer, Michigan and Saltese, Montana.


Best 1. Wisconsin 2. Minnesota 3. Oregon 4. Idaho 5. Washington
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Florida 3. Georgia 4. Ohio 5. Arkansas


Best 1. Michigan 2. Wisconsin 3. Indiana 4. Oregon 5. Ohio
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Alabama 3. Mississippi 4. Florida 5. Georgia

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Florida Not The Sunshine State On Sunday

Sunday August 26th, 2012

Isaac will continue to be the big weather story on Sunday. All of the Florida Peninsula will start to feel it’s effects on Sunday as it passes very near Key West Sunday night. It looks like now tropical storm Isaac will have some interaction with Cuba, so strengthening doesn’t seem likely today. Once it emerges into the Gulf all bests are off. Hopefully it will not grow into a monster in the Gulf of Mexico, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a major hurricane at landfall in the Florida Panhandle Tuesday night. So if you live in that area, don’t take a chance and start thinking about leaving.

Eagle Lake – Joseph D Grant County Park. San Jose, California

Outside of Florida, actually a pretty nice day for most of the nation. The national mean will be 7.1, but without Florida I suspect it would be a bit higher. Only a few hundred grid squares with perfect 10’s though, significantly less than Saturday. Most of the perfect weather will be along the California Coast including: Maple Creek, Whitehorn, San Jose, and King City. A few scattered perfect 10’s in the mountains of the Idaho Panhandle and Western Montana.

I would also like to point out a great late summer day in Southeast Alaska with widespread PWI 7’s and 8’s…even a few 9’s. This is a little unusual in that the rainy season is usually in full swing by now. Over the whole state the mean is a miserable 4.2 though.

   Best                    Worst

1. North Dakota      1. Alaska
2. Maine                     2. Florida
3. Minnesota            3. Arkansas
4. Montana               4. Oklahoma
5. Massachusetts    5. Texas


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Isaac’s Influence Will Be Felt In South Florida Saturday

Saturday August 25th, 2012

Two main features on the Perfect Weather Index map Saturday. First, tropical storm Isaac will be heading northwest toward the Gulf Of Mexico, passing just west of Key West, Florida. So far, this looks like a pretty weak storm and land interaction with Cuba will probably keep it from gaining much strength. That being said, once it comes out into the Gulf, there could be significant strengthening. I have added the projected path of the storm to the map. This may change some over the weekend, but anywhere from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida should be on the lookout. How does Isaac play into perfect weather? Obviously, it should be as bad as it gets but that’s not entirely the case. The only redeeming factor of a hurricane is that it knocks the temperatures down into a comfortable range. So for that max temperatures you might actually have a 8 or 9. The apparent temperature may be similar to the max temperature, so you may have 6 to 8 in that area. The rest including wind, rain, and clouds will all be a 1 for sure. So I would expect no less than about 3 or 4 on the Perfect Weather Index in the hurricane areas and in fact, far South Florida will be a 4 tomorrow as the storm approaches.

Interstate 15 near Shelby, Montana

The other thing happening tomorrow is the outbreak of perfect weather in the West. Looks like Big Sky Country (Montana) will again lead the way in the overall mean and in thenumber of perfect 10’s. Some of the more significant towns with perfect 10’s in Montana include: Shelby, Whitefish, Proctor, and Avon. Next door in Idaho: North Fork, Big Creek, Galena, and Silver City. In Wyoming: Wapiti, Story, and Sundance. In Oregon and Washington perfect 10’s show up in lower elevations than recent weeks including some of the Coast Range and portions of Puget Sound. Here I’ve got Stanwood, Clearview, Ruston, Johnson Ridge on Mt. St. Helenes…all in Washington.

   Best                     Worst

1. Montana                1. Oklahoma
2. Washington         2. Alaska
3. Wyoming             3. Arkansas
4. Maine                    4. Texas
5. Idaho                     5. Delaware


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