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Widespread Perfect Weather In The Midwest Tuesday

Tuesday October 2nd, 2012

Perfect weather continues throughout the Midwest. Kansas scores an incredible 9.3 Tuesday followed closely by Iowa yet again. Some of the bigger towns with perfect weather tomorrow include: Dodge City, Kansas…Manhattan, Kansas…Des Moines, Iowa…Sioux City, South Dakota…Waseca, Minnesota…Crawford, Colorado…Cimarron, New Mexico…Gage, Oklahoma… and downtown San Francisco, California.

I’m starting to see the PWI 1’s expand across the mountains of Montana. Check out the forecast for Logan Pass, Montana to see why.

A few frosty areas in the Nebraska, but otherwise a fairly similar frost/freeze map tomorrow morning.

This is my 100th post! Thanks every one for reading. I hope you find it as useful as it is interesting for me to create.

Best 1. Kansas 2. Iowa 3. Oklahoma 4. Wisconsin 5. Utah

Worst 1. Alaska 2. South Carolina 3. Florida 4. Pennsylvania 5. Indiana


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Spring Has Sprung

May 9th, 2012

May 9th, 2012

Kind of a shock to see so much beautiful weather across the nation tomorrow, May 9th, 2012. Almost everyone will enjoy some of the best weather of the spring! The notable exceptions will be Maine (mean 4.1) where a very rainy storm will linger another day, and portions of Michigan (mean 4.8) where some showers and breezy conditions can be expected. From Kentucky to California and North Dakota to Texas, widespread PWI 8’s and 9’s. In fact, almost the entire state of Kansas will be a PWI 9 (mean=8.98). The mean for the nation is 7.2 which is well above anything I’ve seen yet.

Getting a 10 was harder than I expected so I adjusted the model just slightly in the area of cloud cover.  So now, I allow up to 25% cloud cover and still receive full points. I figure a few cirrus clouds or fair weather cumulus won’t mar an already beautiful day. Today, while there are many more PWI 10’s on the map, they only represent 0.0008% of the well over 1 million grid points. Out of the 10’s on the map, Utah has the most but few have a city in them. My pick here is Altonah, Utah. One of the largest concentration of 10’s is in southwest Oklahoma. A great one here is Acme, Oklahoma. Enjoy spring everyone!


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Basin & Range

May 8th, 2012

May 8th, 2012

An outbreak of spectacular weather for the Inter-mountain West for May 8th, 2012! This is the nicest weather I’ve found thus far doing this blog with the mean across the nation just a tad over a PWI 6. This is despite New England dragging the index down with a good soak tomorrow. Good for my garden though! By far the best weather in the nation will be any basin in the West. The Treasure Valley of Idaho, the Wasatch Front in Utah, all of northern Nevada and many other areas will see 9’s. Some of the best bets tomorrow will be Twin Falls, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, Reno, Nevada, Walla Walla, Washington. Outside the West, really the only place I can recommend is the Kansas City metro area.

I’m starting to think the perfect 10 is too elusive. Out of all that amazing weather in the West, not one pixel of perfect 10. I may have to adjust the model slightly if I can’t get any 10’s. What’s the point of having the scale go to 10 if it never gets used?

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