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Show Me The Perfect Weather

Missouri (the show me state) will by far have the best weather in the nation Thursday. Widespread 10/10 down the middle of the state but this does not include St. Louis or Kansas City. Overall though, a very nice 9.3 mean. Also some perfect weather in parts of northern California and southern Oregon. Rhode Island and Massachusetts will share the bottom as rain and cool temperatures move in.


Best: 1. Missouri 2. Iowa 3. Alabama 4. Missouri 5. Arkansas
Worst: 1. Rhode Island 2. Massachusetts 3. Connecticut 4. Alaska 5. New Hampshire


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Beautiful Weather Moves East

May 10th, 2012

May 10th, 2012

Not quite as nice as yesterday with the mean PWI down just a hair (still a PWI 7), but another brilliant weather day for most of the country. There are two areas of perfect 10’s tomorrow May 10th, 2012. The first is in north-central Missouri around the town of Dalton. The second area lies along the border of Tennessee and Alabama. A couple of good picks here would be New Market, Tennessee and Woodville, Alabama. Overall, Missouri scores the best with an 8.98 followed closely by Illinois. Poor Maine just can’t catch a break this week and again has the lowest score (mean 3.3) and up to another inch of rain for parts of the state. Although, Montana will see the largest area of low PWI , only the far eastern plains prevents the entire state from being the low point in the country (mean 3.9). Surprisingly cold, wind, and wet in west Texas tomorrow produces some low scores there as well, though they really need the rain.


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