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Large Area Of Perfect Weather In Eastern Montana Tuesday

A rather large area of perfect weather across eastern Montana to start the work week. This extends south into Wyoming and Nebraska, and Nebraska will actually see the highest mean with a great 9.1. Worst weather in Minnesota with cool, breezy weather. Notably, Alaska improves to it’s first 6.0 of the year as high pressure warms up state, especially the interior.


Best: 1. Nebraska 2. Montana 3. Indiana 4. Idaho 5. Wyoming
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Wisconsin 3. Vermont 4. Maine 5. New Hampshire


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Perfect Weather Continues To Move North As Summer Approaches

Idaho tops the Perfect Weather Index for the first time this year on Tuesday. As we move toward summer, the best weather is shifting north as heat and humidity lowers the PWI across the southern tier states. Even in Idaho tomorrow, much of the perfect weather will be at higher elevations in places like Stanley, ID. Also 10s across parts of Montana including Billings and Bozeman. Worst weather tomorrow in Minnesota, unless you count Alaska which looks unusually poor.



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Perfect Weather Outbreak In Montana Friday

Friday September 7th, 2012

Wow! Almost 10,000 grid squares with perfect weather on Friday. A significant portion of those will be in Montana where the mean will be 9.0. Some of the larger towns in Montana with perfect 10’s include: Centerville, Billings, Ethridge, Ledger, and Glasgow. Down in Wyoming another large area of 10’s with Teton Village, Jackon, and Granger all perfect.
Some other locations: Sequim, Washington…Friday Harbor, Washington…Incline Village, Nevada…Bodie, California…Mammoth Lakes, California…Morgan Center, Vermont…Jay, Vermont.

Best: 1. Montana 2. Vermont 3. Idaho 4. Washington 5. Oregon
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Oklahoma 3. Arkansas 4. Missouri 5. Illinois


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Effects Of Isaac Just Beginning

Thursday August 30th, 2012

Isaac will weaken now that it is over land, but the effects are really just beginning. Rain will spread north as it moves inland and the perfect weather index will be quite low along its path the next few days. Thursday, Louisiana will still be the worst as a foot of rain is expected. This will expand north to Arkansas and Missouri which could actually use rain as they have been on the edge of the severe drought over the Midwest. Too bad the storm could not have taken a little more westerly track into the worst drought areas. You can see from the map below that this rain will be very beneficial to a few places.

There will be some good weather to talk about tomorrow as well. Not much in the East except a few mountain locations in West Virginia near Durbin. A few perfect 10’s in New Mexico for the first time that I can remember this year. One town here is Alto, New Mexico. The majority of the perfect weather will be in Montana including: Sandy, Whitefish, Quigley, Virginia City, and Basin. Next door in Idaho, a lot of great weather as well especially in the northern part of the state including: Elmira, Coolin, Sand Point, and Kellogg.  Scattered perfect 10’s in Washington, Oregon, and California as well.

Best 1. Montana 2. Connecticut 3. Oregon 4. Pennsylvania 5. Idaho
Worst 1. Louisiana 2. Mississippi 3. Alaska 4. Arkansas 5. Alabama


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Isaac’s Influence Will Be Felt In South Florida Saturday

Saturday August 25th, 2012

Two main features on the Perfect Weather Index map Saturday. First, tropical storm Isaac will be heading northwest toward the Gulf Of Mexico, passing just west of Key West, Florida. So far, this looks like a pretty weak storm and land interaction with Cuba will probably keep it from gaining much strength. That being said, once it comes out into the Gulf, there could be significant strengthening. I have added the projected path of the storm to the map. This may change some over the weekend, but anywhere from New Orleans to Pensacola, Florida should be on the lookout. How does Isaac play into perfect weather? Obviously, it should be as bad as it gets but that’s not entirely the case. The only redeeming factor of a hurricane is that it knocks the temperatures down into a comfortable range. So for that max temperatures you might actually have a 8 or 9. The apparent temperature may be similar to the max temperature, so you may have 6 to 8 in that area. The rest including wind, rain, and clouds will all be a 1 for sure. So I would expect no less than about 3 or 4 on the Perfect Weather Index in the hurricane areas and in fact, far South Florida will be a 4 tomorrow as the storm approaches.

Interstate 15 near Shelby, Montana

The other thing happening tomorrow is the outbreak of perfect weather in the West. Looks like Big Sky Country (Montana) will again lead the way in the overall mean and in thenumber of perfect 10’s. Some of the more significant towns with perfect 10’s in Montana include: Shelby, Whitefish, Proctor, and Avon. Next door in Idaho: North Fork, Big Creek, Galena, and Silver City. In Wyoming: Wapiti, Story, and Sundance. In Oregon and Washington perfect 10’s show up in lower elevations than recent weeks including some of the Coast Range and portions of Puget Sound. Here I’ve got Stanwood, Clearview, Ruston, Johnson Ridge on Mt. St. Helenes…all in Washington.

   Best                     Worst

1. Montana                1. Oklahoma
2. Washington         2. Alaska
3. Wyoming             3. Arkansas
4. Maine                    4. Texas
5. Idaho                     5. Delaware


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Lots Of Sunshine For Big Sky Country

Thursday August 16th, 2012

A fast moving cold front sweeping through the Northern Plains today, will bring cooler and drier air tomorrow. You can see the front in the PWI forecast tomorrow with heat, humidity and showers from Detroit to St. Louis to Dallas. Behind the front, amazingly nice weather will follow in its wake from Montana to Wyoming and across South Dakota. Nice weather in the East from Vermont south to North Carolina on Thursday. A few perfect 10’s in the East in the Adirondacks around Tahawus, New York and in the Appalachians around Minneapolis, North Carolina.

Lake McDonald, Montana

By far the most perfect 10’s will be found in Western Montana. A sample of perfect spots in Montana include: West Galcier, Lake McDonald, Lincoln, Walkerville, Lakeview, and Clancy. Outside of Montana: Burgdorf, Idaho…Cora, Wyoming…Greybull, Wyoming…Anacortes, Washington…and Manzanita, Oregon.

    Best                    Worst

1. Montana                1. Oklahoma
2. South Dakota      2. Arkansas
3. New York             3. Louisiana
4. Wyoming             4. Illinois
5. Vermont               5. Texas

For the nation, the PWI is back up to 6.7.


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A Tale Of Two States: Idaho Vs. Montana

Wednesday August 15th, 2012

Something a little unusual tomorrow as a cold front sweeps down the east side of the Rockies in Montana. Rain and much cooler weather is on tap and a large area of PWI 3’s and 4’s  will occur with even a few PWI 2’s in the mountains. One such location is just north of Lincoln, Montana. What’s interesting is that this location is only about 100 miles from a PWI 10 in North-Central Idaho just east of Lowell, Idaho.  Overall, Idaho will be 4th best in the nation, while Montana comes in a 40th. This is an excellent example of how terrain and mountains separate different air masses.

Across the entire country the PWI will slip a little. Ohio

Idaho/Montana Close-up

comes out on top as the best weather shifts east out of Wisconsin. A few 10’s in the UP of Michigan again, but this time a little further east around Macinac Island. Otherwise, the perfect scores will be exclusive to Idaho, Washington and Oregon. A few 10’s out West include: Red River Hot Springs, Idaho…Warren, Idaho…Clallam Bay, Washington…and Sequim, Washington (the ‘e’ is silent by the way). Sequim is an interesting place as it sits on the lee side of the Olympic Mountains, which is known as a temperate rainforest. Sequim however, because of the rain shadow, only receives about 16

Sequim, Washington

inches of rain per year…roughly on par with Los Angeles. Forks, Washington on the windward side, receives well over 100 inches per year!  Olympicrainshadow.com has an excellent breakdown of the rainfall amounts in the region.  One of the side benefits of having this sort of climate means that it’s an excellent place to grow lavender.
   Best                     Worst

1. Ohio                         1. Alaska
2. Washington         2. Oklahoma
3. Michigan               3. Texas
4. Idaho                      4. Kansas
5. West Virginia       5. Florida

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