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Large Area Of Perfect Weather In Eastern Montana Tuesday

A rather large area of perfect weather across eastern Montana to start the work week. This extends south into Wyoming and Nebraska, and Nebraska will actually see the highest mean with a great 9.1. Worst weather in Minnesota with cool, breezy weather. Notably, Alaska improves to it’s first 6.0 of the year as high pressure warms up state, especially the interior.


Best: 1. Nebraska 2. Montana 3. Indiana 4. Idaho 5. Wyoming
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Wisconsin 3. Vermont 4. Maine 5. New Hampshire


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Midwest Finally Recovers After Long Cold Spell

A large area of perfect weather will be found Wednesday from western Nebraska to Oklahoma City. This is after a very slow moving low pressure brought snow and cold rain to the region last week. The worst weather in the country will be in Florida as a front stalls over the state dumping plenty of rain. Alaska again looking bad as well.


Best: 1. Oklahoma 2. Kansas 3. Nebraska 4. Maine 5. Colorado
Worst: 1. Florida 2. Wisconsin 3. Indiana 4. Michigan 5. Georgia

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Widespread Icky Weather For The East Tuesday

Tuesday September 19th, 2012

The first big fall storm will sweep across the East Coast Tuesday with high wind, heavy rain, and thunderstorms. From Maine to Florida, nothing better than a PWI 5 and even four grid squares of PWI 1 on the peaks of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Vermont comes in at the bottom in this mess with a mean of only 3.9.

Despite the terrible weather on the East Coast, the mean for the nation remain pretty high at 7.4, thanks mainly to the Midwest. Nebraska and Kansas lead the way with some amazing weather expected. A large area of perfect 10’s in Nebraska from Burwell south to Franklin. Across the border in Kansas,  Mankato and Hesston will be perfect as well. Some perfect 10’s even sneak across into northern Oklahoma as well.

From the Rockies west, clusters of perfect weather as well including many mountainous locations in New Mexico and Arizona.  A couple picks here include Edgewood, New Mexico and Flaggstaff, Arizona. In California, Big Bear Lake, Santa Barbara,  Lake Tahoe, and Santa Cruz. Heading north into the Pacific Northwest, most of the 10’s will be along the spine of the Coast and Cascade Mountains until you get to northern Washington. Some lowland picks here include: Sequim, Everett, and Bellingham. In the Cascades, I would like to point out  Roslyn, Washington. This is where the 1990’s tv show Northern Exposure was filmed. A great show for it’s time! I still remember the first show in which the newly shocked and awed doctor from New York threw a complete and utter fit in his vehicle when he came to the realization of exactly where he was.  And having lived in Alaska and met some really odd but self-sufficient people, the characters on the show were not that far off. Anyway, back to the perfect weather. Last stop is in Eastern Idaho where many little towns hit the perfect 10 including: Driggs, Ovid, and Auburn, Wyoming near the border.

Best 1 . Nebraska 2. Kansas 3. Idaho 4. Oklahoma 5. New Mexico
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Vermont 3. Maryland 4. New Hampshire 5. New York



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Can You Spot The Cold Front?

Thursday September 13th, 2012

An incredible day on tap Thursday for much of the nation. Over 50,000 sq. miles of perfect 10’s tomorrow, mainly out West. A sharp cold front is very obvious on the map from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Amarillo, Texas.  You can see it today in the satellite image from Minnesota to Colorado. Behind the cold front, dry and comfortable weather with lots of sunshine. Some of the largest areas of perfect weather will be immediately behind the front in Nebraska. North Platte, Antioch, Norfolk and Wayne will be among the 10’s in the state. In South Dakota, Smithwick and the western part of Badlands National Park. In Montana, a large area of PWI 10 in the eastern part of the state north and south of I-94 including: Crow Agency, Glasgow and Fallon. Other scattered 10’s out West include: Evanston, Wyoming…Lake Tahoe, California…the Oregon Coast from Waldport to Rockaway Beach…Hoquium and Muckilteo, Washington…Arco, Idaho…and Park City, Utah.

Driftwood Beach, Oregon

The perfect weather will not be confined to the West as six states in the East will have 10’s as well. Most are in the Appalachian Mountains including: Black Mountain, North Carolina…Richwood, West Virginia…and Bent Mountain, Virginia. In New England: Shrewsbury, Vermont…Dixville Notch, New Hampshire…and Redington, Maine.

Best: 1. Rhode Island 2. Montana 3. Nebraska 4. Maryland 5. Vermont
Worst: 1. Alaska 2. New Mexico 3. Texas 4. Kansas 5. Florida

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Memorial Weekend Forecast

May 26th, 2012

Saturday May 26th, 2012

It’s an important vacation weekend, so I thought I would do PWI map for all three Memorial Weekend days. Of course, three days out, the National Weather Service forecasts might be a bit off on the details, but for the most part it should be accurate.

We start the weekend with some abysmal weather in Montana with a huge area of PWI 1, the lowest score possible. Lots of rain, wind, and cold temperatures in that area.  The best weather will be in New England where Vermont will lead the nation with a mean of 8.5 and even a few perfect 10’s in the southern part of the state. Areas of Northern California will see the most perfect 10’s tomorrow and my pick for Saturday is Santa Rosa, California. The national mean is a low 5.2.

May 27th, 2012

May 27th, 2012

Overall, the mean for the nation increases to 5.7 on Sunday, mainly due to much improved weather in the Desert Southwest. Arizona come in the highest on this day mainly due to less wind and more sunshine. My pick in Arizona is Winona. California will also see quite a few perfect 10′ s on Sunday, but comes in second overall to Arizona, mainly due to the influence of the high Sierra Mountains. My pick in California will be in the foothills of the Sierras…Placerville.  Sorry Montana, this just isn’t your weekend.

On Memorial Day, more improving weather across the nation as the mean rises again to 6.3, but very little perfect weather. This is in part due to the very warm and humid conditions east of the

Memorial Day

Memorial Day May 28th, 2012

Mississippi. New England looks like it will have another brilliant day and actually has probably the three best days on average.  Most of the perfect 10’s on Monday appear in the desert of Nevada and

Arizona. My pick for Memorial Day will be Ursine, Nevada.


Best                              Worst                     

1. Vermont                   1. North Dakota
2. Maine                        2. Montana
3. New York                3. Idaho
4. New Hampshire   4. Kansas
5. Washington            5. Nevada


Best                     Worst                      

1. Arizona            1. Montana
2. California       2. Kansas
3. Nevada            3. Wyoming
4. Connecticut  4. Idaho
5. Maine               5. Georgia


Best                              Worst                    

1. Nebraska                  1. North Dakota
2. Nevada                      2. Florida
3. Utah                            3. Georgia
4. New Hampshire    4. Illinois
5. Colorado                  5. Mississippi


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