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Not A Great Start To The Week Weather-wise

Not a real great start to the week as perfect weather will be scarce. About the only appreciable area of perfect 10s will be in the central valley of California. An unseasonably cold storm in Pacific Northwest will bring widespread 1s from Southeast Oregon into Central Nevada. Hot and humid weather east of the Mississippi will keep a damper on PWI scores.


Best: 1. North Dakota 2. Minnesota 3. Arizona 4. California 5. Pennsylvania
Worst: 1. Nevada 2. Oregon 3. Idaho 4. Louisiana 5. Florida

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A Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Upper Midwest Today

A very large area of perfect weather can be found today from North Dakota all the way to Illinois. This includes the Fargo, ND…Sioux Falls, SD…Ames, IA…and Springfield, Il. Overall, Iowa comes out with a record 9.5, the highest for a state this year. Clouds and cool temperatures keeps Maine on the bottom today, but not a lot of really bad weather on the map today.

Check back later today we I will post the overall winner for the month of May!


Best: 1. Iowa 2. North Dakota 3. Minnesota 4. Illinois 5. South Dakota
Worst: 1. Maine 2. Florida 3. Louisiana 4. Texas 5. Alabama

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Perfect Weather Outbreak In The Upper Midwest

Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Generally, when there is more than 5,000 grid points with perfect weather I call it an “outbreak”. Wednesday will see four large areas of perfect 10’s in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. These are also the top three states overall as well. A few towns in North Dakota include: Valley City, Wheatland, and Durbin.  Over in Minnesota: Fergus Falls, Morris and Benson. In South Dakota:  Madison, Brookings and Eureka. The overall mean for the nation is up to 6.9 as Isaac is becoming a distant memory and cold front is sweeping through the Midwest.

A few other locations (all out West) with perfect 10’s include: Burns, Colorado…Bond, Colorado…Orogrande, Idaho…Everett, Washington…Bremerton, Washington…Crater Lake, Oregon  and Manzanita Lake, California.

Grotto Lake – Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Hawaii continues it’s depressing weather…by Hawaiian standards anyway. A mean of 6.4 Wednesday down from 6.7 today as more showers and strong trade winds continue. Alaska is in danger of having it’s mean slip below 3 (3.1 Wednesday). If it goes below 3, does that mean fall is over or beginning? I don’t know, but I do know I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

   Best                     Worst

1. North Dakota      1. Alaska
2. Minnesota            2. Alabama
3. South Dakota      3. Delaware
4. Washington         4. Virginia
5. Idaho                      5. Mississippi


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Nobody’s Perfect

My Perfect Weather Index

May 2nd, 2012

I suspect that this will be more common than not. There are no perfect 10s on the map for May 2nd, 2012. Perhaps the winds are a little breezy, or maybe there will be some high thin clouds which prevents the perfect score. Either way, the index is designed to show a “prefect” day, not a fine day, of which there will be many. If I were in Fargo, North Dakota tomorrow, I certainly wouldn’t complain with a score of 9, but it demonstrates just how picky I am. Another excellent choice tomorrow: Sacramento, California.

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