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Sandy Produces Blizzard And Hurricane Simultaneously

Monday October 29th, 2012

What can be said about Sandy that hasn’t been said already? Well, I’d saying having a blizzard and a hurricane in the same state (Maryland) at the same time is pretty noteworthy. It just doesn’t happen…until today. Yes, a blizzard warning for western Maryland while hurricane winds roar ashore on the east side of the state. All of the Mid-Atlantic and New England will be less then PWI 3 Monday.

A ton of a bad weather of course, but lots of good weather too, especially in Texas. Just scattered PWI 10 locations throughout the Southwest.

Best: 1. Texas 2. New Mexico 3. Arizona 4. Oklahoma 5. California
Worst: 1. Pennsylvania 2. Maryland 3. Ohio 4. West Virginia 5. New York


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Conditions Deteriorate Sunday In The Mid-Atlantic As Sandy Nears

Sunday October 29th, 2012

It looks like Sandy will make landfall on Monday in northern New Jersey or perhaps right over New York City. High winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding will all begin late Sunday as the storm approaches. Monday looks like it will be the worst day. Cold air and front over Ohio and western Pennsylvania will provide some chilly rains tomorrow, then as Sandy approaches,  heavy snow will develop in West Virginia. Quite a mess.

Is there any good weather Sunday? Of course, there is always some place having perfect weather and tomorrow it looks like the Desert Southwest again will be best. Some picks tomorrow include: Foster City, Oxnard,and  Lake Arrowhead in California. Scattered 10’s in the Nevada desert including Scotty’s Junction and Jean. A few 10’s in the mountains of Arizona around Sedona. The first 10’s I’ve seen this season in Texas appear around Pecos, Barstow and parts of Big Bend National Park.

National Mean


Best: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Texas 4. Florida 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Pennsylvania 2. Delaware 3. Maryland 4. West Virginia 5. Ohio

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Perfect Weather For The Desert Southwest Saturday

Saturday October 27th, 2012

Sandy continues to threaten the East Coast but not until Monday. It still looks like a major storm from the Mid-Atlantic to New England with widespread power outages and heavy rain. Exactly who gets what and when is still a bit uncertain, but the entire region will be affected to some degree.

Meanwhile, Saturday looks like an amazing day for Arizona and California. Perfect 10’s in central Arizona including: Kirkland, Bagdad, Sedona, and parts of the Grand Canyon. Next door in Nevada, Henderson and other areas around Las Vegas look great as well. California will have by far the most 10’s in the country, especially in the central part of the state and in the Bay Area. Mountain Spring, Olancha, Salinas, Sonora, and Fairview are among the perfect spots tomorrow.

Best: 1. Arizona 2. California 3. Georgia 4. Florida 5. Louisiana
Worst: 1. Washington 2. Ohio 3. Montana 4. South Dakota 5. Idaho

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Calm Before The Storm

Friday October 26th, 2012

All eyes on Sandy. This still looks like a disaster in the making as Sandy will bring widespread high winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding Monday and Tuesday. If you live in the Northeast, prepare this weekend! So what’s the big deal about this storm? Why are weather people so amped up? First, the strength of the low pressure. Meteorologists measure storms in millibars of pressure. Big nor’easters are usually on the order of 960-980 mb. Most reliable models predict this storm to be 930-950 mb. Unusually strong. This translates into more wind. The track is also worrisome to meteorologists because it will affect all the major East Coast cities like Washington, NYC, and Boston. Another interesting factor in this storm is it’s shear size. It will encompass an unusually large area compared with other hurricanes. Strong winds will occur Monday/Tuesday from Maine to the Carolinas. So is this a hurricane? Yes. As it approaches New York City, cold air will get sucked into the storm and it will begin to lose it’s tropical characteristics, but for laypeople, it’s a hurricane. One last thing to point out is the coastal flood threat. Usually, the northeast side of a hurricane is the worst part because these winds are pushing water forward. So watch anywhere to the right of the center for the worst coastal flooding…ie. Long Island and New York City. Not a good scenario.

In the meantime, not too bad on the East Coast Friday. Warm weather will push north all the way to Vermont ahead of the storm. Vermont will be the best in the nation with an 8.7 mean. Some perfect 10’s in the Champlain Valley around Cambridge, Williston, Vergennes, and Shoreham. A small patch of 10’s in North Carolina around Lewisville.

The rest of the 10’s tomorrow will be in California. Some picks here include: Concord, San Ramon, Palo Alto, and Bakersfield.

I added the forecast track of Sandy on the map today.

National Mean


Best: 1. Vermont 2. West Virginia 3. Connecticut 4. New Hampshire 5. New York
Worst: 1. Washington 2. Indiana 3. Oregon 4. North Dakota 5. Idaho


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First Signs Of Sandy Thursday In Florida

Thursday October 25th, 2012

A quick post to show tomorrow’s forecast. Not too good from Washington to Wisconsin as a huge cool low pressure dominates. Snow is possible in the northern areas of the region as well. This low and cold will shift east the next few days and get reinforced by another low. All of this will combine with hurricane Sandy off the East Coast and create a “perfect storm”…that’s a very very low pressure which will trounce somebody (probably a lot of people) from the mid-Atlantic to New England. Anyone in this region should watch closely. This storm looks to be historic! The first signs of the storm will be felt tomorrow along the east coast of Florida.

Until then, nice weather in the East mainly around Virginia and the Carolinas. Some perfect 10’s in the mountains of Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Out West, perfect weather around Flagstaff and the deserts of southwest New Mexico.

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