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Golden State Shines; Wyoming Get Late Snow Storm


A beautiful day on Thursday in parts of California including my own area. (Very happy). Some of this extends into the Rogue Valley of Oregon as well and California overall is the winner. With the huge snowstorm in the Rockies, very low PWI numbers in Wyoming including Cheyenne. Too hot in the east so PWI are a bit tempered by that though sunshine will abound.

Best: 1. California 2. Oregon 3. Rhode Island 4. Arizona 5. Missouri
Worst: 1. Wyoming 2. Wyoming 3. Colorado 4. Nebraska 5. Wisconsin


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An Ugly Weather Day For Wyoming Saturday

December 8th, 2012

December 8th, 2012

Usually I try to stick to discussing the best weather in the nation, but Saturday is an exception. Wyoming will have one of the worst days I have seen since I started this blog. A winter storm will blow into the Rockies bringing with it snow, high winds, and cold temperatures. The mean for the state is a miserable 1.7 with a PWI 3 being the absolute best the Cowboy State can expect. 8 to 16 inches of snow and 50 to 60 mph wind gusts  will make for a cozy fireplace kind of day.

The other poor location on Saturday will be Southwest Alaska. A storm there will bring rain, snow and high winds creating widespread PWI 1’s from Adak, to Bethel, to Seward.

Is there any good weather tomorrow? As usual, there will be some perfect weather to focus on most of which will be concentrated in Arizona. Some perfect 10’s in the Valley of the Sun including just east of downtown Phoenix in Paradise Valley. Also: Apache Junction, Whittmann, Buckeye, Marana, and Pisinemo. A few isolated 10’s in Southern California including Temecula. Also Cottonwood, New Mexico and Trent, Texas. Overall though, Louisiana will be on top for the mean with 8.3 expected for the Bayou State.

Best: 1. Louisiana 2. Texas 3. South Carolina 4. Arizona 5. Alabama
Worst: 1. Wyoming 2. Rhode Island 3. Montana 4. Massachusetts 5. Vermont


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East Coast Squeezes In A Nice Day Friday

Friday October 5th, 2012

The mid-Atlantic and southern New England will squeeze in a nice day Friday before the obvious cold front on the map comes through for the weekend. Overall, the best weather will be in Connecticut with perfect 10’s in Old Saybrook, Montville, and Voluntown.  A few perfect locations in Massachusetts including: Lynn and Norwell. up in New Hampshire: Hampstead, Nottingham, and Barrington. Long Island will have a number of perfect 10’s as well on the east end including: Shoreham, Calverton and Westhampton. Some scattered perfect 10’s in the Appalachian Mountains as well including: Jollett, Virgnia…Burnsville, Virginia…Balsam Grove, North Carolina…and some of the mountains of northern Georgia. An early winter storm with snow and gusty winds will keep Minnesota on the bottom of the list Friday.

Much more isolated 10’s in the West including: Crescent Valley, Nevada…Coburg, Oregon…Glenburn, California…and La Conchita, California.

Frost and freeze continues to expand across the country. Expect frost from the Front Range of the Rockies to Omaha, Nebraska and Madison, Wisconsin.

Best: 1. Connecticut 2. Rhode Island 3. Massachusetts 4. New Jersey 5. Maryland
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Alaska 3. Wyoming 4. Missouri 5. Nebraska


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Tennessee Tops Perfect Weather List Thursday

Thursday October 4th, 2012

The perfect weather index is definitely off it’s peak which was an 8.0 mean for the nation in mid-September (Thursday 6.8). With cold air beginning to intrude from the north I think there is little doubt we won’t see 8.0 again until May or June. But that doesn’t mean perfect weather won’t exist, it won’t just be found in different places. Thursday will be the first day in quite a while when Tennessee tops the list. Not many perfect 10’s in the Volunteer State except right along the border of North Carolina. A few more perfect 10’s in far eastern Kentucky tomorrow including: Flint, Diane, and Pansy. A few in Virginia as well around Woodlawn and Floyd.

Out West, a pocket of 10’s in central Utah  including Delta and Fruita. A few more showing up in Coastal California including: Shively, Myers Flat, Comptche, Anderson, Palo Alto, and Greenfield. A few in Southwest Oregon as well including: Drain, Coquille, Sutherlin and Oakland.

The storm in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest will usher in some really cold air into the West. Many locations will see there first hard freeze tonight. Some of the most vulnerable areas are: the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the Treasure Valley in Idaho, all of Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota will see either a freeze or hard freeze. Much of Colorado except the far west and far east will see frost or freeze. In Utah from the Wasatch east will see freezing conditions as well.

Best: 1. Tennessee 2. Kentucky 3. West Virginia 4. Indiana 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Alaska 3. North Dakota 4. South Dakota 5. Maine


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Tale Of Two Seasons In South Dakota Wednesday

Wednesday October 3rd, 2012

The first cold Fall storm is expected in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest Wednesday. Cold air and rain will spread across all of Montana and North Dakota, while the storm produce two seasons in one day in South Dakota. The standard deviation for the state is an incredible 2.4…ranging from 1 in the west to 9 in the east. Highs in the 40s for the west part of the state and mid 70s in the east! Ahead of the front, perfect weather in Wisconsin and a small part of Minnesota. This includes: Marengo, Marshfield, and Sparta in Wisconsin.

Some isolated 10’s out West including Southerlin and Winchester, Oregon…Lassen National Park and Guernville, California.

Lots of frost/freeze issue tomorrow morning, but only West for now. The cold storm in the Northern Rockies will produce snow above 5,000 feet, so widespread freezes in the higher elevations of Montana. Also, some patchy frost in the Willamette Valley of Oregon around the outskirts of Salem.

Best: 1. Wisconsin 2. Kentucky 3. Alabama 4. Tennessee 5. Arkansas
Worst: 1. Montana 2. North Dakota 3. Alaska 4. Wyoming 5. South Dakota

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Great Lakes = Great Weather Tuesday

June 5th, 2012

Tuesday June 5th, 2012

I’m expecting a lovely day around the Great Lakes tomorrow with Indiana leading the way. Northern Michigan will also get in on the nice weather with a large area of PWI 9. Also, a fine day in Chicago, but it will a little cool and breezy right near the lake.

Perfect weather will be confined to the mountainous areas in Southern California. Monrovia, California will come closest to being perfect and is my pick for the day.

Truly awful June weather in the Pacific Northwest. Rain, cool temperatures, and even some high elevation snow is in the forecast. The number of PWI 1’s is quite high for a June day.  Spokane, Washington will certainly see the worst weather in the nation.

Best                         Worst

1. Indiana          1. Washington
2. Michigan      2. Oregon
3. Kentucky     3. Idaho
4. Illinois          4. Maine
5. Wisconsin    5. Florida

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