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Tennessee Tops Perfect Weather List Thursday

Thursday October 4th, 2012

The perfect weather index is definitely off it’s peak which was an 8.0 mean for the nation in mid-September (Thursday 6.8). With cold air beginning to intrude from the north I think there is little doubt we won’t see 8.0 again until May or June. But that doesn’t mean perfect weather won’t exist, it won’t just be found in different places. Thursday will be the first day in quite a while when Tennessee tops the list. Not many perfect 10’s in the Volunteer State except right along the border of North Carolina. A few more perfect 10’s in far eastern Kentucky tomorrow including: Flint, Diane, and Pansy. A few in Virginia as well around Woodlawn and Floyd.

Out West, a pocket of 10’s in central Utah  including Delta and Fruita. A few more showing up in Coastal California including: Shively, Myers Flat, Comptche, Anderson, Palo Alto, and Greenfield. A few in Southwest Oregon as well including: Drain, Coquille, Sutherlin and Oakland.

The storm in the Northern Rockies and Upper Midwest will usher in some really cold air into the West. Many locations will see there first hard freeze tonight. Some of the most vulnerable areas are: the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the Treasure Valley in Idaho, all of Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota will see either a freeze or hard freeze. Much of Colorado except the far west and far east will see frost or freeze. In Utah from the Wasatch east will see freezing conditions as well.

Best: 1. Tennessee 2. Kentucky 3. West Virginia 4. Indiana 5. Nevada
Worst: 1. Minnesota 2. Alaska 3. North Dakota 4. South Dakota 5. Maine



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Tennessee Volunteers To Have Perfect Weather Sunday

Sunday September 23rd, 2012

A great day in the South on Sunday with a strip of perfect 10’s from Arkansas to North Carolina. Tennessee will have the highest mean with a 9.0 and a large area of 10’s along it’s southern border. This includes Memphis, but also Jackson, Henderson and Savannah. Over in Arkansas, Little Rock is a 10 as well as Hot Springs and Marianna. In Mississippi, Holly Springs and Iuka. Next door in Alabama: Huntsville, Russelville, and Bridgeport. In Georgia: Winston and Moccasin Creek State Park. In North Carolina: Statesville, Lexington, and Lawsonville.

Not quite as nice out West as it has been in recent weeks, but still a number of perfect 10’s…mainly in Wyoming. The largest area will actually be in the sparsely populated northwest corner of North Dakota including: Larson, Corinth, Keene and parts of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. In Wyoming: Pinedale, Dubois, Little America, and Sundance. Next door in South Dakota…Spearfish, Keystone, Mt. Rushmore and Wind Cave National Parks.

Widespread frost and freeze in the Midwest Sunday morning. Freezing conditions get as far south a Iowa and frost to the western suburbs of Chicago and Milwaukee.

Best: 1. Tennessee 2. Nebraska 3. Arkansas 4. South Dakota 5. North Dakota

Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Michigan 3. New York 4. Vermont 5. Maine


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Beautiful Weather Moves East

May 10th, 2012

May 10th, 2012

Not quite as nice as yesterday with the mean PWI down just a hair (still a PWI 7), but another brilliant weather day for most of the country. There are two areas of perfect 10’s tomorrow May 10th, 2012. The first is in north-central Missouri around the town of Dalton. The second area lies along the border of Tennessee and Alabama. A couple of good picks here would be New Market, Tennessee and Woodville, Alabama. Overall, Missouri scores the best with an 8.98 followed closely by Illinois. Poor Maine just can’t catch a break this week and again has the lowest score (mean 3.3) and up to another inch of rain for parts of the state. Although, Montana will see the largest area of low PWI , only the far eastern plains prevents the entire state from being the low point in the country (mean 3.9). Surprisingly cold, wind, and wet in west Texas tomorrow produces some low scores there as well, though they really need the rain.


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