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Oregon Starts The Week With The Best Weather In The Country

Beautiful weather across the Pacific Northwest on Monday with Oregon leading the way. Most of the 10s east of the Cascades of Oregon and Washington, but lots of 8s and 9s on the west side including Portland. Rain and cool temperatures in New England with Vermont the worst.


Best: 1. Oregon 2. Washington 3. Minnesota 4. Wisconsin 5. Idaho
Worst: 1. Vermont 2. New Hampshire 3. Massachusetts 4. South Carolina 5. Georgia



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Perfect Weather For Seattle And Much Of The Pacific Northwest

For the first time this year, Washington State tops the Perfect Weather Index Friday. A great start for an early holiday weekend in the Pacific Northwest with widespread 9s and 10s. Seattle and Bellingham, Washington both with 10s tomorrow as well as Bend and Klamath Falls, Oregon. Overall, Washington beats out Oregon mainly due to some lingering cool air along the Idaho border of Oregon. Maine clearly on the bottom with rain and cool temperatures.


Best: 1. Washington 2. Oregon 3. South Dakota 4. North Carolina 5. South Carolina
Worst: 1. Maine 2. Vermont 3. New Hampshire 4. Wyoming 5. Massachusetts

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Perfect Weather Repeats Around Seattle Washington

Tuesday September 4th, 2012

Lets play a game. Can you guess the location of the lowest and only grid square of PWI 2 on the map Tuesday? Yes, I mean in the Continental US…Alaska I have totally written off for the season. See the bottom for the answer.

The Northeast and the Northwest continue to play ping-pong with the best weather in the country. Tuesday will be The Pacific Northwest’s turn with all of the top five states out West. While Seattle was my pick for best Labor Day weather, the state as a whole could not outperform New England today. This will not be the case Tuesday as the remnants of Isaac bring rain northeast to about Portland, Maine. So, Washington State will be on top with a mean of 8.7 followed closely by Oregon at 8.6. Quite a few perfect 10’s around Puget Sound again tomorrow with Stanwood, Everett, Shoreline, Seattle (downtown), Belfair, and Leland all perfect. South of Puget Sound, add South Bend and Doty to the list.

Elsewhere around the West, more scattered mountainous perfect weather, but still a few towns standout such as: Bozeman, Montana…Sand Point, Idaho…San Rafael, California and portions of the Front Range in Colordao. Here I’ve got Glen Haven, Brookvale, Conifer, and Bailey.

Quite a few showers expected the next few days down in Hawaii, mainly on the windward side of course as the trade winds blow pretty strong. Hawaii ranges from about 7.0 to 7.3 on a daily basis, but with the extra wind and showers, the Aloha State will be kept to a relatively low 6.7 mean.

About the answer to the question I posed at the beginning, here is a hint…it’s east of the Mississippi River. It is the highest point in the Northeast (6,288 feet) and holds the record for for the highest wind gust directly measured in the Northern and Western Hemisphere, 231 mph on the afternoon of April 12, 1934. On the right is a picture of the observatory at the peak which is staffed by scientists and weather observers. Click here for the current conditions on the mountain. The answer is Mt. Washington, New Hampshire which is part of the White Mountains. Contrary to popular belief, it no longer holds the record for highest measured wind gust in the world, that dubious honor occured during Cyclone Olivia on Barrow Island in 1996. A gust of 253 mph was recorded there and offshore it produced swells of 69 feet! Anyway, Mt. Washington’s weather is routinely bad and will only get worse through fall and winter. During the summer you can actually drive to the top on the Mt. Washington Auto Road…or take the Cog Railway to the top.

Best 1. Washington 2. Idaho 3. Oregon 4. Montana 5. Wyoming
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Alabama 3. Maryland 4. Georgia 5. Delware

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Best Labor Day Weather Will Be In The Seattle Area

Labor Day September 3rd, 2012

Microsoft could not have engineered better Labor Day weather. Perfect 10’s abound in the Seattle area including Redmond, Washington home of Microsoft. Nearer to Puget Sound, temperatures will be slightly cooler so downtown Seattle/Tacoma will be 9’s instead of 10, but from Snohomish south to Renton and Spanaway a line of perfect 10’s will appear.

Overall for Labor Day, New Hampshire will have the highest mean with a beautiful 8.9. In fact, four out the top five states will be in New England tomorrow.

A few other perfect’s include: Ponemah, Minnesota…Belknap, Montana…Kellog, Idaho…Craigmont, Idaho…Multnomah Falls, Oregon…Yacolt, Washington, and my wife’s home town of Afton, Wyoming.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Worst Labor Day you ask? Obviously it’s in Alaska as the entire state is rapidly moving into fall. King Salmon’s forecast is probably the worst with rain, highs in the 50s, and wind gusts to 45 mph.

I know there will be a lot of people recreating tomorrow, so I thought I would add best National Park to the discussion today. Crater Lake National Park will be the best with a mean of 9.1. Worst? Kings Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina with a mean of 4.0. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. and the second deepest in North America with a maximum depth of 1,949 feet.

The best beach weather for the holiday will be Rio Del Mar Beach in California which scores a perfect 10. Many beaches score the low of PWI 5 and these will be mainly in the Mid-Atlantic from Delaware to Virginia.

Best 1. New Hampshire 2. Maine 3. Massachusetts 4. Rhode Island 5. Oregon
Worst 1. Alaska 2. Georgia 3. Alabama 4. South Carolina 5. Delaware


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A Tale Of Two States: Idaho Vs. Montana

Wednesday August 15th, 2012

Something a little unusual tomorrow as a cold front sweeps down the east side of the Rockies in Montana. Rain and much cooler weather is on tap and a large area of PWI 3’s and 4’s  will occur with even a few PWI 2’s in the mountains. One such location is just north of Lincoln, Montana. What’s interesting is that this location is only about 100 miles from a PWI 10 in North-Central Idaho just east of Lowell, Idaho.  Overall, Idaho will be 4th best in the nation, while Montana comes in a 40th. This is an excellent example of how terrain and mountains separate different air masses.

Across the entire country the PWI will slip a little. Ohio

Idaho/Montana Close-up

comes out on top as the best weather shifts east out of Wisconsin. A few 10’s in the UP of Michigan again, but this time a little further east around Macinac Island. Otherwise, the perfect scores will be exclusive to Idaho, Washington and Oregon. A few 10’s out West include: Red River Hot Springs, Idaho…Warren, Idaho…Clallam Bay, Washington…and Sequim, Washington (the ‘e’ is silent by the way). Sequim is an interesting place as it sits on the lee side of the Olympic Mountains, which is known as a temperate rainforest. Sequim however, because of the rain shadow, only receives about 16

Sequim, Washington

inches of rain per year…roughly on par with Los Angeles. Forks, Washington on the windward side, receives well over 100 inches per year!  Olympicrainshadow.com has an excellent breakdown of the rainfall amounts in the region.  One of the side benefits of having this sort of climate means that it’s an excellent place to grow lavender.
   Best                     Worst

1. Ohio                         1. Alaska
2. Washington         2. Oklahoma
3. Michigan               3. Texas
4. Idaho                      4. Kansas
5. West Virginia       5. Florida

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Cooling Off In The Midwest

Thursday August 9th, 2012

No towns fall in the perfect 10 category today but scattered perfect 10’s will again be found in the mountains of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Overall Washington comes out on top…followed closely by Minnesota. The massive high pressure that has baked the Midwest all summer seems to be losing its grip, and my perfect weather index seems to be getting better there by the day.

   Best                       Worst

1. Washington            1. Alaska
2. Minnesota               2. Mississippi
3. Oregon                     3. Alabama
4. North Dakota        4. Louisiana
5. Nebraska                 5. Georgia

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Perfect Weather For Twilight Fans

Friday August 3rd, 2012

Forks, Washington used to be a sleepy little town that was only known as the gateway to the Olympic Mountains and for its relentless rain. These days, it’s known by a much wider audience for being the location where the Twilight series takes place. On a side note, I have no interest in Twilight and my wife has serious issues with these new age Vampires that fall in love and seemingly have more emotions than regular humans. Anyway, the Forks/Quillayute area in Washington is my pick for best weather in the nation on Friday…not just because it scores a perfect 10, but because of how rain it is in the Olympic Rainforest! Many other locations in Washington score perfect 10’s Friday including: Neah Bay…Blaine…Bellingham…Lynnwood…Bremerton…Molson and many more.

    Best                  Worst

1. Washington       1. Alaska
2. Idaho                   2. Oklahoma
3. Oregon                3. Arkansas
4. Wyoming           4. Missouri
5. Utah                     5. Tennessee

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