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West Virginia Will See The Best Weather To End The Short Work Week

Scattered perfect weather mainly in the mountainous areas of the West and in the Appalachians. Also, a small area lining Lake Superior in Minnesota and Wisconsin including Duluth. Overall, West Virginia comes out on top for the first time this year while Vermont, as has often been the case this year, comes out on the bottom.


Best: 1. West Virginia 2. Michigan 3. Ohio 4. Oregon 5. Idaho
Worst: 1. Vermont 2. Florida 3. Maine 4. Louisiana 5. North Dakota


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West Virginia? That’s A New One

June 26th, 2012

Tuesday June 26th, 2012

Perfect weather can appear in any state. I guess that’s what I have learned from doing this blog. Tomorrow it’s West Virginia’s turn to be on top, which is a first. A number of perfect 10’s in the state as well centered right down the middle. The town of Welch, West Virginia is in the middle of all that nice weather. Michigan has a number of perfect 10’s as well, right along Lake Michigan. Muskeegon is one of the larger towns in the perfect 10 zone.

Out West there are the usual scattered perfect 10’s though there do seem to be a little more than usual. None of them occur in very populated places. Mono Lake is a big recreation spot and will a perfect 10 score tomorrow.

     Best                     Worst

1. West Virginia      1. Florida
2. Michigan               2. Washington
3. Ohio                        3. Maine
4. Virginia                 4. Kansas
5. Wisconsin            5. Nebraska

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Mountains And Beaches

Friday June 8th, 2012

Friday June 8th, 2012

Some pressure on the Perfect Weather Index tomorrow mostly due to rising temperatures across the country. As an example, Salt Lake City will be nearly perfect today with sunshine and mid 70s, but Friday highs are expected to rise quickly into the upper 80s. Too warm for me and this is reflected in the perfect weather scores.

The nicest weather tomorrow will be split between the Appalachian Mountains in the East, and California in the West. There will be a ring of perfect 10’s around the Central Valley of California…my pick here is Grass Valley just northeast of Sacramento. In Southern California, areas closer to the coast will see some perfect weather. My pick here is Laguna Hills. In the Appalachian Mountains, the largest concentration of perfect weather will be in Virginia. My pick here is Burkes Garden.

Overall, the state with the highest mean tomorrow (8.3) will be West Virgina. The Pacific Northwest will continue to suffer with more showers and cool temperature.

Seeing Southern California coastal areas as some of the best weather in the nation tomorrow got me thinking about where the best beach weather might be. So I compared the Perfect Weather Index with a list of all the beaches in the country and came up with an index for every beach in the nation. I came up with a lot of 8’s and 9’s in North Carolina and California. There were only a couple beaches in California that were a perfect 10, one of which was Summerland Beach. Now, the best beach weather I think may not coincide with my PWI. I think if I were going to the beach, I would want warmer temperatures and maybe a little more wind. Also, I gotta think that water temperatures might have to play a role as well. It might 80 degrees but if the water is 55, I don’t consider that quite as good. Maybe a PWI for beaches may be something to consider in the future.

  Best                     Worst

1. West Virginia      1. Washington
2. Pennsylvania      2. Florida
3. Ohio                        3. Louisiana
4. North Dakota     4. Oregon
5. Virginia                 5. Nebraska


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