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Topsy-turvy Weather In The West

Perfect weather in Reno, Nevada and Flagstaff, Arizona Tuesday but overall California comes out as the best state. The 1s plaguing the Pacific Northwest move into the Rockies Tuesday and may surprise some tourists with snow. This is about the closest I have seen 10s and 1s together on the map, separated by only 500 miles.


Best: 1. California 2. Nevada 3. Maine 4. Arizona 5. Vermont
Worst: 1. Wyoming 2. Idaho 3. Florida 4. Montana 5. Oklahoma


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Golden State Shines; Wyoming Get Late Snow Storm


A beautiful day on Thursday in parts of California including my own area. (Very happy). Some of this extends into the Rogue Valley of Oregon as well and California overall is the winner. With the huge snowstorm in the Rockies, very low PWI numbers in Wyoming including Cheyenne. Too hot in the east so PWI are a bit tempered by that though sunshine will abound.

Best: 1. California 2. Oregon 3. Rhode Island 4. Arizona 5. Missouri
Worst: 1. Wyoming 2. Wyoming 3. Colorado 4. Nebraska 5. Wisconsin

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An Ugly Weather Day For Wyoming Saturday

December 8th, 2012

December 8th, 2012

Usually I try to stick to discussing the best weather in the nation, but Saturday is an exception. Wyoming will have one of the worst days I have seen since I started this blog. A winter storm will blow into the Rockies bringing with it snow, high winds, and cold temperatures. The mean for the state is a miserable 1.7 with a PWI 3 being the absolute best the Cowboy State can expect. 8 to 16 inches of snow and 50 to 60 mph wind gusts  will make for a cozy fireplace kind of day.

The other poor location on Saturday will be Southwest Alaska. A storm there will bring rain, snow and high winds creating widespread PWI 1’s from Adak, to Bethel, to Seward.

Is there any good weather tomorrow? As usual, there will be some perfect weather to focus on most of which will be concentrated in Arizona. Some perfect 10’s in the Valley of the Sun including just east of downtown Phoenix in Paradise Valley. Also: Apache Junction, Whittmann, Buckeye, Marana, and Pisinemo. A few isolated 10’s in Southern California including Temecula. Also Cottonwood, New Mexico and Trent, Texas. Overall though, Louisiana will be on top for the mean with 8.3 expected for the Bayou State.

Best: 1. Louisiana 2. Texas 3. South Carolina 4. Arizona 5. Alabama
Worst: 1. Wyoming 2. Rhode Island 3. Montana 4. Massachusetts 5. Vermont


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Chilly Weekend For The Great Lakes

Saturday September 22nd, 2012

A very cool weather system will invade the Great Lake States from Canada this weekend. Rain and cold temperatures will provide some very low PWI scores from Minnesota to Michigan. In fact, a number of PWI 1’s appear in the UP of Michigan on Saturday.

Very nice weather will begin to exit New England Saturday but some 8’s and 9’s linger in eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

The best weather by far will be in the Cowboy State, Wyoming with  a mean of 9.0 and lots of perfect 10’s. A sample of the 10’s include: Gillette, Big Horn, Jackson, Big Piney, Wamsutter, and Rawlins. Montana also does very well with Lame Dear,


West Yellowstone, Ringling and Basin all perfect 10’s. A few others out West include: Steamboat Springs, Colorado…Castle Rock, Colorado…Colton, Utah…Kneeland, California…Redwood City, California…and Big Bear Lake, California.

A big freeze expected in the Upper Midwest, mainly focused in North Dakota as the cold air begins to head toward the Great Lakes. This will extend into Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Best: 1. Wyoming 2. Rhode Island 3. Montana 4. Massachusetts 5. Colorado

Worst: 1. Alaska 2. Michigan 3. Wisconsin 4. Minnesota 5. New York


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Best Weekend Weather Since June

Saturday August 18th, 2012

Sunday August 19th, 2012

This will be the best weekend in the nation since June. The mean breaks 7 for the first time since June with 7.1 on Saturday and 7.3 on Sunday. Widespread perfect 10’s on Saturday with more than 20,000 sq miles of perfection. This drops down to just over 2,000 sq miles on Sunday even though the mean is higher than Saturday.  Vermont appears in the top 2 on both Saturday and Sunday so this is the overall winner for the weekend.


Incredible weather for almost the entire northern half of the country. The best weather will be in Ohio and streak of perfect 10’s shows up in the state from Delware, Ohio west to Muncie, Indiana. Quite a few perfect 10’s in the Champlain Valley of Vermont and New York including my house! I will provide a full report tomorrow on how awesome it was. Some other location in the are will include Champain, New York…Plattsburgh, New York…and Rutland, Vermont. Champlain, New York is home to the largest McIntosh apple orchard in the country at Chazy Orchard. From Wikipedia: Every McIntosh apple has a direct lineage to a single tree discovered in 1796 by John McIntosh on his farm in Dundela, a hamlet near Morrisburg, in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada. He discovered the tree as one of 20 apple seedlings while clearing the farm, which he had just purchased. He transplanted the seedlings, cultivated them, and only one of them was still alive by 1830. The surviving apple tree lived until 1909. The oldest surviving descendant died on July 25, 2011. Anyway, out in Western New York, Batavia will also be a perfect 10. Further south, Binghamton, New York and Milan, Pennsylvania will be perfect.

More scattered perfect weather out West, but mainly concentrated in Wyoming. Much of Yellowstone National Park will see 10’s as well as many areas around Laramie, Wyoming. Next door in Colorado a good pick is Yamapa.

Best           1. Ohio 2. Vermont 3. Indiana 4. Wyoming 5. North Dakota
Worst       1. Alaska 2. Louisiana 3. Texas 4. Florida 5. Mississippi


Perfect weather will diminish and become more disjointed on Sunday. Much of the improvement in the national mean will come from the Pacific Northwest where the recent heat wave will abate. Minnesota will come in with the highest mean just barely ahead of Vermont. Almost all the perfect 10’s will be in Wyoming including: Buford, Albany, and many mountain locations. Just on the other side of the border in Colorado: Four Corners, Rustic, and Red Feather Lakes. There will also be a few perfect 10’s in far western South Dakota around Mystic and on the west side of Mt. Rushmore.  Buford, Wyoming by the way was founded in 1866, during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad in Wyoming. At its peak, the town boasted a population of 2000. Don Sammons moved to Buford in 1980 with his wife and son. In 1992, he purchased the town. His wife died in 1995, and his son moved away around 2007, making him Buford’s only resident.The town, consisting of a convenience store, gas station, and modular home on 4 hectares (9.9 acres) of land, was put up for sale after Sammons decided to move closer to his son. The town was put up for auction on April 5, 2012, with the highest bid of $900,000 by two unidentified Vietnamese men.

Best           1.Minnesota 2. Vermont 3. Nebraska 4. New Hampshire 5. Iowa
Worst       1. Alaska 2. Louisiana 3. Florida 4. Texas 5. Mississippi

Have a great weekend!


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Best Weather Saturday In The Rocky Mountains

Saturday August 4th, 2012

The Pacific Northwest enjoyed some amazing weather the last few days, but Saturday the good weather will shift east into the Rocky Mountains States. It will actually become too hot in Oregon and Washington to get much better than a PWI 7 or 8. Wyoming averages out on top Saturday followed closely by Montana. Much of the perfect 10’s appear at the higher elevations, but quite a few towns do make the list including: Cora, Wyoming…Daniel, Wyoming…Meeteetse, Wyoming…West Yellowstone, Montana…Snowbird, Utah…Basin, Montana…Blossburg, Montana…Taft, Montana…and Silver City, Idaho. Looks like an excellent day to be at Yellowstone National Park.

Alaska narrowly edges out Missouri for worst weather in the nation.

   Best                       Worst

1. Wyoming               1. Alaska
2. Montana                2. Missouri
3. Idaho                      3. Illinois
4. Maine                     4. Oklahoma
5. Washington         5. Mississippi

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Rocky Mountain High…Perfect Weather Index

Thursday July 26th, 2012

It’s a tie for best weather in the nation Thursday between Montana and Wyoming. Both will be an 8.1 PWI. A bad day expected in Ohio with widespread severe thunderstorms expected. Most of the perfect 10’s will be along the immediate West Coast in Washington, Oregon, and California…though a few will be found in Montana and Wyoming. A string of perfect 10’s will extend along the I-5 corridor from the border of Canada south through Bellingham to Everett and Lynnwood in Washington. More perfect weather around Mt. St. Helens and even portions of the Olympic Mountains. The higher elevations of Oregon also gets into the 10 category around Government Camp in the Cascades and Sunset Summit in the Coast Range. Perfect 10’s will also be found just east of the California Coast around Guerneville as well as further down the coast just above Santa Barbara. Alaska will be split in half from west to east by good/bad weather.

    Best                                   Worst

1. Wyoming (by 0.001)            1. Ohio
2. Montana                                   2. Indiana
3. Washington                             3. Kentucky
4. Oregon                                      4. Oklahoma
5. North Dakota                         5. Missouri

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